Tai Chi, Chinese Astrology and the Directions

Date: 19-Feb-2017
Capacity: 26 (19% booked)


I am again offering a half-day workshop for Tai Chi students and those interested in Chinese Metaphysics. The venue is West Moonah Community House, West Moonah.

Tai Chi, Chinese Metaphysics and Chinese Medicine share very similar roots from the notion of yin yang through to the wu-xing or 5 elements, the 8 directions and the energies of the months - all are connected.

In this workshop, we will explore some of these things with the emphasis on the emotions, the energies of each year and each month / each season and some of the things we can do to balance the universal energies when they are too strong or appear to be overwhelming.

Venue: West Moonah Community House

We will switch between doing some Tai Chi / Chi Gong and learning the basics about directions, the inherent qi in each direction and how to harness the qi of the seasons and our personal energies. And then a brief introduction to the energies of the fire rooster year.

We will start at 10.00 am and run till 14.30 (2.30pm). 4 .5 hrs

Please make sure you wear flexible shoes and bring a notebook so you can take notes - some notes will be provided.

Only eat a light lunch, so you are good to go in terms of exercise and concentration.

Snacks provided.

Book here and please pay before 10th February 2017. Otherwise please bring correct money on the day. If you have not booked in DON'T just show up.

Prices: $68 discounted to $50 till February 10th.  $38 for non-waged people


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