Tai Chi Winter

Date: 06-Aug-2019
Capacity: 8 (100% booked)


Our popular Tai Chi Winter classes recommenced on Monday 5th of August (after I come back from vacation).

Every Monday until end of November 2019.

WHERE: Mt Stuart memorial hall in Darling Pde (downstairs in the supper room).

COST: $5.00 for half hour class and $10 for the 1.5 hours class*.

STARTS: 5th August

For new students you are encouraged to enrol for the 1/2 hour introductory course and participate in that class for a minimum of 4 weeks. You can then progress to the continuation class where the learning is speeded up - because you can now follow some of the basic commands and moves.

Please make sure that you can commit to at least 50% of a term of 8 weeks. If that is too much of a stretch for you or you have intervening commitments please ring and let me know what you can commit to.

The course involves fundamental steps of the Sun Traditional Long form.

You will also learn different Qi Gong moves from a range of traditional forms such as Shi BaShi 1, 8 pieces of silk (brocade), 5 animals, silk reeling and other single moves that my Tai Chi Master has taught me.

*By the 4th week of continuous participation you should be able to stay on and watch / participate in the continuation class which runs immediately after the foundation course. It runs for 1 hour and includes 10 minutes of standing or seated meditation.

Please fill in the form below if you are a new student with your contact details and your physical challenges noted in the box. PLEASE include your phone number if you have physical limitations.

* Required

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