2021 personal follow up

Date: 31-Jan-2021
Capacity: Not Set (0% booked)


Book your personal annual follow up here. Available from the 31st of December 2020.

I am available MTWTh, in the afternoons, all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Please indicate what days suit you and the times that suit you.

I don't drive after 6pm as my night vision is deteriorating. 

You will have until the 10th of February to get your annual changes in place so don't panic but please do book as soon as possible.

You can nominate which days your are available for your follow up in the following form. You can check more than one box.


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Monday 9.30 through 3 pm
Tuesday 9.30 through 3pm
Wednesday 9.30am through 3pm
Thursday 9.30 am through 3pm
Friday 9.30 am through 3pm
Saturday 12.30 through 3pm
Sunday 10am through 3pm


It is very important that you look at what are the implications of making those changes are.
Make sure that your renovations follow a sound master plan.
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+ 61 3 6239 0126

0427 902 220

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