2021 Tai Chi Mt Stuart New

Date: 11-Mar-2021
Capacity: 6 (17% booked)


2021 Autmn schedule of classes

In the Annex, Mt Stuart Memorial Hall, Byard St, Mt Stuart

Visit google maps to see the precise venue see here

Make sure you can commit to at least 9 lessons to get the best from the classes.

After 9 weeks you will be invited to join the other class (wednesday) for the same fee.

Please only enrol if you can commit to 4 continuous weeks (one month).

After the first class you will be given an invoice or you can pay cash on the first day - you must pay for a month (4 weeks) in advance. If you fail to attend classes there are no refunds offered.


Thursday: 09.30 through 10.30- chi gong and introduction to sun form tai chi 

Costs: $40 per month

Please book in here or email me by going to contact page.


* Required

Thurs 09.30 am through 10.30 am only

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+ 61 3 6239 0126

0427 902 220

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