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Sun Traditional Long Form Tai Chi

If we practice regularly we will see the benefits in both our body and our mind. They come closer together and you can see that moving with awareness brings you into a more mindful relationship with all aspects of our life.


Upcoming classes - summer in the botanical gardens

Where: Fuschia House, Botanical Gardens, Queens Domain, Hobart from 6th of January 2020.

When: 09.30 am through 10.30 am.


* Required

fee structure

Through summer we will be teaching monday, tuesday and wednesday. It will be $10.00 a class with a maximum of $20 for the week. That means you get a free class if you attend the 3 days a week.

We will start each class with approx 20 minutes of the 8 pieces of brocade / silk Qi Gong practice. There are VERY many iterations of this form. None is absolutely right and none is manifestly wrong.

I do prefer this version.

Corporate Classes

I regularly provide Tai Chi classes in the private sector / public sector both as one offs and as a series of classes for a cycle of 2 - 8 weeks.

Term payments

It is now possible to pay for classes in blocks of 5, 10 or 20 classs. You will be issued with an invoice when you let me know that you want one.

The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin. It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.
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