2016 Annual Fire Monkey Newsletter

2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Newsletter
What the Capricious Monkey will bring to the world

2016 Year of the Fire Monkey
Dear kats

As a brief aside - it is now 18 years since I have been sending out my annual newsletters - each year they get bigger and bigger. Now there are options for you to dip into and dip out of. Whatever helps you. Please, please share this newsletter this year as the Fire Monkey is going to be very big with some very tricky energies particularly in the Month of February.

Fire Monkey = play time at its best

The fire monkey will bring great changes as it is a travel sign that change will be rapid and frequent, so we must preserve our personal adaptability and wisdom in the face of this change.

The tiger is in clash with the monkey and the month of February which is the tiger month. The monkey is the travel sign for the tiger and the tiger is the travel sign for the monkey. The monkey can be capricious. The tiger can be very skittish when under pressure and may well retreat into the back of the cave.

You can see that the year of the monkey will start with tension - which may translate into anxiety for some; unpredictability - which can translate into confusion for some; instability; which can translate into fear for some.

Maintaining equanimity in the face of changeability is the marker of wisdom and maturity. I know I bang on about it but learning meditation is a way of going with the flow, developing the flexibility and adaptability for 2016 and of course beyond.

I had an epiphany one morning and sat down and wrote - a salute to my three teachers (like the three wise men and one woman). If you want to read more about my three teachers it then check it out here ...

Exit year of the sheep

Again in December we found the best and the worst of humanity. We have seen a climate change agreement signed off on by all attendees. This came on the back of the serial bombings in France, Lebanon, Nigeria and massive deaths at sea due to the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East which is impressing itself upon the shores of the Mediterranean peoples.

Every year it is difficult to 'predict' how the environmental energies when combined with human characteristics is going to play out in the whole qi field. I often ask myself will my interpretation and actions disrupt the qi field, augment the qi field, or make no difference at all. This is a very important question to ask yourself from time to time (at least every day).

At all points in time we are volitional beings and can make choices to function in different ways.

Some folk are pretty well centred on the 8 fold path and don't need much guidance. The rest of us are mere mortals and make many mis-steps. The key is being able to pull the foot back from the mis-step and reposition our body to ensure that we are truly following the right and righteous path.

For many westerners the word righteous conjures certain thoughts that are tied up with self-righteousness, extreme religious views, self opinionated and other distortions. 

For those following the path of Tao it has a completely different interpretation - that is the path of up-rightness, of right action, in the right sequence and regular or constant self rectification. It is kind of like driving down the road (not on cruise control), and seeing an object in the distance. We can choose to rectify our path - that is to make the path right - such as slowing down, taking a different course, or stopping all together as there appears to be no other course of action, or we can plough on with no heed to what is ahead.

When we are talking about right spiritual action we need to also factor in the notion of our obligations as human beings living conscious lives. We have a deep inner nature (true nature) that is not associated with our personality and ego or attachments. We need to consult that nature.

So one of the courses of action is to reflect deeply on our attachments and how we hold to them. How we resist letting go of the attachments and how they distort our path or what we can see in the distance to draw out the analogy above.

To finish with my reflection let me share from one of my favourite buddhist teachers - Thich Nhat Hanh - 

"A flower does not have to do anything to be of service, it only has to be a flower.

That is enough. A human being, if she is a true human being, is enough to make the whole world rejoice."


Clashes can be both direction (environmental) and personal. That is they can come from a direction in the environment and then that quality of qi can interact with your birth or natal qi, and the other energies that influence all of us to a greater or lesser extent. This is dependent on our own resources and flexibility and the Feng Shui measures we put in place each year to offset harms.

The clashes in 2016 are to the tiger from the monkey, to the friends of the tiger - the horse and the dog, and to the snake but this last one is relatively harmless unless there are environmental factors creating a trigger.

All clashes are more significant when there is an environmental (internal or external) threat coming to or from this direction.

For example if you are born in the year of the rat, there is a tiger and a snake in your chart, and there is sha qi in the direction of the snake. Then this will be intense for you. 2016 is a monkey year, the monkey clashes with both the snake (to a lesser extent) and with the tiger.

If the sha was in the direction of the rooster then it would be relatively harmless for you. If the sha was in the direction of the horse then it could be significant for you.

This is why all these factors need to be read together. 

Book a personal reading for 2016

Do you want a personal reading in 2016 or to update a previous reading then this service is available as part of the one on one update, but also available as a separate service and can be done via skype if necessary.

Do Not Disturb 2016

2016 do not disturbThese directions are referred to as Sam Sart, Grand Duke of Jupiter or Tai Sui / Sui Po and the 5 Yellow.

I refer to them as the annual do not disturb areas. They are in the direction of the monkey and the tiger, the sheep, horse and snake and the whole of the north east sector which has the annual 5 there.

It is really important that you remain attentive and observant to what is going on around you. 

In this instance NIMBY is a potentially hazardous attitude.

Remember that if the disturbance is of short duration, if it is not major, or you use an auspicious date for the disturbances then you can get around it.

If your main door is located in one of these directions then you need to be especially careful.

If your main bedroom is in one of these directions then PLEASE take care especially if you are a tiger, a monkey or they are significantly placed in your chart. I don't usually scare the horses but this year we will need to be extra vigilant and take extra precautions because of the location of the annual 2.

Flying Star 2016

2016 year of the fire monkey flying starThis year we have a very serious situation. The number two sickness star is in the centre - this means no matter what the shape of your house, every household and business place will be affected - the only time that it can't be affected is if there is a landlocked place in the centre of the house that you do not utilise and, as this is generally very bad feng shui, none of my clients have this configuration.

The number two star affects senior women in the household - mothers etc. As most, but not all households have a senior female figure (this is not age related but the role that someone adopts) then this will affect all households. it also means that wherever you go you will take this particular weather with you (excuse me Crowded House).

As usual the 3 can be tricky, the 4 can be utilised, the 8 is profitable, the 6 is useable, the 1 is benevolent, the 9 is happiness.

The 7 is not good, the 5 is VERY tricky with the grand duke situated here in the north east.

Not all is lost as there are remedies to help counter the effect of these energies - they will be explored in my 2 seminars or your one on one follow up. There have already been quite a few bookings for all 3 options so don't mess around - book now.

You can book in here for the seminars. Please make sure you indicate which of the 3 options you want.

Annual Seminars 2016

Annual Wood Sheep SeminarsThe solar year starts on the 4th of February at 23.50hrs.

The Lunar year starts on the 8th of February. Make sure you know when to make your changes for the new year.

We have 2 options for the fire monkey seminars.

Option 1:

Saturday the 16th of January at 1.30pm West Hobart.

Option 2

Sunday the 17th of January at 10.30 am via skype.

In addition we still offer our one on one follow ups.

No events found.

60 years ago

This explores some highlights of 1956 which was the last fire monkey year.

It is very interesting to note the events in each of the months - it helps give us an idea of some of the things that might be lurking for us in 2016.

With our own energies in hand we don't have to be pistol whipped by the forces of nature - we know when things are about to happen, or what action is best for us to take.

Interestingly there was not much information about economic activity when I did my research .... read more about 1956 here ...

Famous Fire Monkeys

There is a list of some 20 plus folk born in the year of the fire monkey from Steve Ballmer retired CEO of microsoft through Nigel Kennedy - bad boy of the violin - as an aside how we can continue to use that to describe a 60 year old man is indeed a question worthy of being answered.

In addition there are 3 more in depth essays and 4 charts displayed.

  • Steve Ballmer
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Andy Goldworthy
  • Nigel Kennedy
in-depth analysis

For more information read more about some of the folk born in the year of the fire monkey.

Video News

I have prepared 2 videos for 2016. Please view them if you don't have time to read all the information. How about helping make the 2nd video go viral so that everyone can benefit from a settled heart and a settled environment - God knows the globe needs it.

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