2016 - David Copperfield


He is a world renown illusionist and entrepreneur.

He is a yang fire day master with another yang fire sitting in his year pillar.

75% of his stems are fire, with yang water sitting in his hour pillar.

He has a full season of metal in the first 3 branches, and a partial team of water between his year and hour branches. Normally this would prevent any transformation BUT it is significant that they sit as bookends to his natal chart – beginning and end of it.

This means he is a changing chart as the metal occurs in the first half of his life and the water in the second part of his life.

For the first half of his life he follows metal and the second half he follows water. This is where the bookend nature of his water branches come in.

When he follows metal he is following wealth. When he follows water he is following power.

He has some special stars which come up in his luck pillars – tiger and of course the dragon in his hour pillar. So these bring additional success.


He has been described by Forbes magazine as the most successful magician in history.

He has a chain of 11 islands in the Bahamas and he manages them when not performing.

In the noughties he appeared 5 times on the highest earning celebrities list. He was ranked 5 through 50 through those years.


By age 16 he was teaching a course at University on Magic according to Wikipedia.

1977 in his 1973 2nd luck cycle he made his big television. 1977 was the yin fire snake year – the snake combines with his rooster to form metal and it can combine with the monkey to form water. The metal is much stronger in his chart. The combination of yin fire and yang water cannot form wood as there is no wood branch present. In fact the rabbit is nearly fatal for him.

One of his most famous illusions was on stage in 1983 – April 8th.  1983 was a yin water pig year. The pig gives us a 4 in a row combination which is very auspicious (Monkey through Pig). In addition, the rooster and the pig are his nobleman stars.


On March 11, 1984 he became entangled in chains in an underwater illusion. He pulled tendons, was admitted to hospital in shock and was in a wheelchair for a short period of time whilst he recuperated.

The year was yang wood rat, month was yin fire rabbit, and the day was yang wood dragon. The energy he likes the least is wood and wood was strong at this time. In addition, the rabbit clashed his health pillar of rooster and the rat pulled the monkey away to combine with the dragon to form a full team of water. The water fed the wood and he was nearly caput! He certainly does not like resource!


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