2017 midyear fire rooster

Mid year 2017 fire rooster update:
About the Trumpeter, the world of disinformation, Facebook, twitter and the real world. 
Make sure that you are personally absolutely sure about what you share and how you share it. Ensure that you do your own research and independent verification of facts.
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2017 Mid year Feng Shui Update

year of the fire rooster

I have been watching all the shenanigans of the year of the fire rooster play out across the globe with both horror and bemusement. It is kind of like 'I told you so'.

What with fake news, revised news, fiction masquerading as truth and the like, and with people never saying what they mean and certainly not meaning what they say, proliferating all around us at an alarming rate, where does it leave us?

If you are surrounded by these sort of people in your life and your work environment then take a leaf out of James Cormey's book - make contemporaneous notes! Roosters hate being confronted with the real truth, the verifiable, factual truth.

On a personal note - it has been a challenging time with family events transpiring in unpredictable ways, and requiring a lot of nimbleness, and last minute decisions. I have learnt a lot about both myself and how loyal and steadfast some friends, students and clients can be.

'Silent witnessing is such a vital life skill!'

Even though this is the first newsletter since early January there are regular blogs available for your reading pleasure if you like to keep pace with my thinking on matters.

I am doing a moral reset this year. I knew it was imminent because something has not been sitting right for me for some time now. I am going to quit both Facebook and Twitter. Twitter is not something I have had a passion for in a long time. Facebook is another issue all together. I have decided that I can no longer contribute to the revenue of a corporation which has such fluid interpretation of truth. I am particularly horrified by their moderation training manuals which allow for the vilification, bullying, harassment and otherwise offensive behaviour towards children, women, and people with disabilities. I know it is the equivalent of pi..ing in the wind - it will splash all over my shoes! My belly has felt twisted over this for quite some time now - time for action! I will limit my social media activity to Linked In, Pinterest and Google Plus! Even if it means I lose business - so be it! At least

I can sleep with myself!

Forthcoming blog topic - Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump Kushner - hopefully in next 2 weeks - still researching that. 

Workshops for 2nd half of year

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mind in motion  

2017 fire rooster articles

year of the fire rooster 

2017 - the fire rooster 2017 - the fire rooster (1503 KB)

60 years ago 

2017 - 60 years ago-2 2017 - 60 years ago-2 (231 KB)

some fire roosters

2017 some fire roosters 2017 some fire roosters (328 KB)

8 australian politicians 

2017 8 Australian Politicians 2017 8 Australian Politicians (532 KB)

It is extremely ironic how much of what I said at the beginning of the year has come to pass!

Cory Bernardi come and gone, George Christiansen flirted with joining CB. Tony Abbott is having another go at the leadership (although in many ways this is the status quo for him). George Brandis had to revise a lot of his decisions as AG and that is still ongoing. All this and we are only half way through the year! What will the 2nd half of the year reveal?

The Trumpeter does not like the Rooster which asserts itself in the 2nd half of the year. All of his serious litigation experiences (which he lost) have occurred in the year and month of the rooster. Watch with interest.

There will be more revelations / loose talk and secrets being leaked / shared / stolen as the rooster asserts its influence in the 2nd half of the year.

Again we, as common folk, are being called even rallied to speak the truth and only endorse statements that correlate with our version / perception of the truth. DO NOT participate in ANY on-line smearing, leaking, social media campaigns, hate, vilification or naming and shaming activities. Push back against misperception, untruths and half truths. Take out your moral compass and ask yourself - do I have independent verifiable evidence for this point of view - if no then DON'T share.

Regular blog articles

Everything is Energy

Last Posted: 07-Dec-2019 | Total Posts: 766

I have been asked to speak in Hong Kong next year at a UX (User Experience) workshop / symposium. As part of our preparation for teasing out themes and direction for the conference and to help my talk take root, I was asked to consider what I do when I feel stuck. I came up with a 10 point game plan. If you want to get a feel for the talk and have any feedback about it then do let me know. I turned my response into this blog post ....read more ....

2017 Annual Flying Star


2017 - annual flying star 2017 - annual flying star (372 KB)

Remember you can still book your personalised annual update from now onwards.

Curiously, many of my regular clients forgot to book in for their updates early in Dec and January as is their previous habit. I did find myself running behind because of this delay.

Every month there is also a confluence of energies which can multiply and concentrate the benefits and of course the challenges.

Here are the challenging directions for the next 6 months:

  • June / July - south, west, north-west
  • July / Aug - north-east, south-west, north-west*** - very very tricky
  • September - repeats the same as the annual energy - so double benefits and double trouble
  • Oct - north-east, east, south, south-west, west*** - very very tricky
  • Nov - north-east, south, south-west, north-west
  • Dec - east, south, south-west
  • Jan - north, south-east, north-west*** care with fire


2017 fire rooster calendar

This is a little preview of the lovely calendar I've prepared for you. This way you can keep track of all the days with their English names clearly marked. You can download it, print it out, or keep it electronically. If you print it on both side, laminate the 6 pages then you can bind it and rest it on a plate 'rack' and leave it on your desk for ease of use.

Each of the beginning of the month, the middle of the month and the clashes to the month and the year are marked too. it is the first time I've prepared this calendar and will replace the monthly clashes and benefits as it takes me a very long time to prepare. 

If you do nothing else this year, and already remember what your favourable elements are then you can use the calendar to plan important events. If you can't remember then get an annual personal update.

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