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2018 is the continuing lessons about power

2018 is a Fei Kong year as many of you now know through direct personal experience or, because you have been reading my updates. To help us draw together the threads and lessons of this year - I recommend that you work with this meditation for a month or so.

Reflections on power - that is the direct and indirect lesson of 2018. You will be feeling the impact of your interactions or those around you - we need only look to the untimely deaths of key people around our globe including Anthony Bourdain, XXXTentacion, Jackson O'Dell, Kate Spade, Harlan Ellison. The sister of the Princess of Holland. These are just a few who have passed my field of view in the last few months.

Mirror; reflections on power

Mirror; Reflections On Power

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In Chinese metaphysics power has the capability to trim excessive growth it is able to contain, to make something useful. What do you do when someone brings an idea to you do you seek to trim, to truncate and to belittle or do you foster, encourage and develop. Are you a reflection of the dominant national paradigm?


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Latest blog article

In this article I explore some more Fei Kong lessons from the Australian political arena including drawing lessons from Justin Milne (former Chair of the ABC Board), Scott Morrison, and Peter Dutton. Read More here...

Tai Chi News

We started with the final term of the 2018 Open Door programme at Mt Stuart Memorial Hall (supper room) which continues after the death of my dear friend Aviva Orgad - she is being replaced by Megan Hale who is doing a fabulous job.

The Monday class is getting bigger and bigger which is wonderful with quite a few more people sticking with the training - a great outcome for everyone.

The Continuation class is by invitation only - that is when you have got a good competence in the foundation moves you can progress to the continuation class. This has resumed in the Botanical Gardens in September.

Tai Chi Summer will start 10th of December and run 3 days a week until the 6th of February 2019.

A new class for beginners starts Tuesday 6th of November and will also run until it morphs into Tai Chi Summer.

Here is an excellent article about health benefits of Tai Chi.

Because of family events (marriages and visits from european family) the Mind in Motion classes will resume in February 2019!

All the classes are listed on our events page.

22-Oct-2018Tai Chi Mt Stuart
06-Nov-2018Tai Chi Tuesdays
10-Dec-2018Tai Chi for Summer

What I've been reading

The Bad Assed Librarians of Timbuktoo

This is a brilliant non-fiction account of remarkable people in Africa (Mali) who set out to preserve the manuscripts of many millennia from the hands of the Boku Harem and Al Quaida invaders who were hell bent on destroying these amazing artefacts of Africa. It is written in a beautiful way with some speculation interwoven into the narrative which draws on 1st hand and 2nd hand interviews with people such as the former US ambassador to Mali.

Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson

Rick has been researching in the area of neurobiology and neuroplasticity for many years. In fact he came to Australia in July for the Mindfulness conference in Melbourne. He has a rather lovely speaking voice (for an American) and is very evidently a meditator himself. Here is a TED talk he gave in 2013 about changing our self speak. click here if blocked by your browser.

What I want to read next!

The Healing Self by Deepak Chopra

Thanks to Michelle for reminding me of what a thoughtful man Deepak is and how he has pushed the edges of our understanding of mind body medicine.

I particularly like his reference to consciousness existing outside the space time continuum, outside form - that really makes us think doesn't it! Again click here to download if your browser blocks the video from downloading.


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