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World renown Operatic Singer - is a fire monkey born in the month of the dragon.

Her Day Master is yin metal.

She has yang water in her month pillar and a partial team of water sitting in her month and year branches.

It is hard to break this team apart as even if the snake comes along to combine with the monkey it will produce water.

If the rooster comes along to combine with the dragon it will produce metal which will in turn support the water.

When the rat comes along it will complete the full team of water. It was present in her 1989 luck cycle more specifically in the 2nd half of that cycle – 1994 – 1998.

In 1987 she made her debut at the Metropolitan Opera.

She had a period of difficulty 1999 through 2007 and resumed her engagements in August 2007. This was in the pig part of her 1999 luck cycle. 1999 was the start of the yin fire luck cycle. Yin fire combines with yang water to form wood, and the pig has wood within so it takes away her yang water which helps the ½ team of water exist.

Her day branch is pig – the birthplace of wood and of the water season. It is VERY easy to tip the pig into wood which is unfavourable for Barbara.

When she entered here yang fire (bing) luck cycle in 2009 the yang fire combined with her day master yin metal to form water – her favourable element again.

The strongest element in her chart is water without a doubt.

Water is output for a metal day master. She is a performer, a career focussed person and does extremely well when she has students and is teaching.

“Bonney is a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music and is a Visiting Professor at London's Royal Academy of Music. She also has taken a professorship at the Mozarteum, Salzburg. She is the founder of The Bonney Foundation, whose mission is "to give young singers the needed support for a good career start. The Bonney Foundation gives financial aid to young singers, and finances seminars and master classes held by Miss Bonney and international performing artists." – Wikipedia.


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