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All information about his filmography is taken from Wikipedia – all of his movies have links back to the wikipedia entries.

We really do not know his hour of birth as the 1300 time only rates c on the Rodin scale so we are working with only 3 pillars.

His day master is yang water.  He is a surrender to earth man with 5 of his palaces earth. He likes earth and fire and dislikes metal and water and is neutral about wood.

He wrote scripts for most of his films. He directed 60 films and 170 plays. Without a doubt a very productive and prolific man.

Romance stars

Romance stars are very influential and can impact on your romantic life, but also on a life conducted in the eye of the public.

His year branch is horse – the horse is a romance star. His personal romance star is the rabbit, with the rat being very important too.  The 4th Romance Star is the Horse.  The most relevant to  him personally is the rabbit which governed the years 2001 – 2005 (inclusive). He married 5 times and, except for the marriage to Kabi, he was always influenced by the romance stars.

Yin metal rooster luck cycle

  1. Elise Fischer 1943 the year of the water sheep
  2. Ellen Lunstrom 1945 in the year of the wood rooster (romance star)

Yang water dog luck cycle

  • Gun Grut 1951 in the dog luck cycle in the year of the metal rabbit (his personal romance star)
  • Kabi Laretei 1959 in the pig luck cycle in the year of the earth pig (not a romance star)
  • Yang wood rat luck cycle – 

    the rat is very important to him and brought his most stable relationship

    Influence of the yang water 1946 – 1951 dog 1951 - 1956

    1955 (yin wood sheep)

    Bergman first achieved worldwide success with Smiles of a Summer Night . He was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes the following year. 

    Influence of the yin water 1956 - 1961 pig 1961 - 1966

    The yin water combined with the yang earth of his year pillar to form favourable fire.

    1957 – yin fire rooster

    The Seventh Seal  and Wild Strawberries  were released in Sweden ten months apart. The Seventh Seal won a special jury prize and was nominated for the Palme d'Or at Cannes and Wild Strawberries won numerous awards.

    1960 – metal rat

    The Virgin Spring

    1961 – water ox

    Through a Glass Darkly 

    1962 – water tiger

    Winter Light

    1963 – water rabbit

    The Silence 

    Influence of the yang wood 1966 - 1971 rat 1971 – 1976

    The yang wood combined with the yin earth in his month pillar to form earth. The rat clashed with the horse, releasing the earth buried in the horse.

    1966 yang fire horse

    Persona, a film that he himself considered one of his most important works.  

    1968 – yang earth dog

    Hour of the Wolf  and Shame

    1969 – yin earth rooster

    A Passion/The Passion of Anna

    Influence of the yin wood 1976 – 1981 ox 1981 – 1986

    The ox clashes with his sheep. He was much less prolific in terms of directing in this period.

    1976 – yang fire dragon

    He was arrested in 1976 (yang fire dragon – the ox also clashes with the dragon) for tax evasion. He left Sweden and shut up his studio. 

    1977 – yin fire snake

    The Serpent's Egg (1977 – yin fire snake  - the snake combines with the ox in his luck pillar to form metal).

    1978 – yang earth horse

    The following year he did a British-Norwegian co-production of Autumn Sonata  –  the horse competes with the horse in the year to combine with the sheep) This famously starred Ingrid Bergman.

    1980 – yang metal monkey

    The one other film he directed was From the Life of the Marionettes

    1982 yang water dog

    The yang water brings sibling rivalry

    He temporarily returned to his homeland to direct Fanny and Alexander which was the last film he directed.

    This is a brief summary of his chart and shows the influence of positive and negative luck cycles. We often see that people have long periods of time where they are in command of their profession, their milieu, but when the luck shifts you need to shift with it. Bergman managed to do this at the time when his luck cycle changed from favourable fire and earth, he shifted from film direction to stage direction. The role of the director of theatre and of cinema are radically different.

    He underwent hip surgery in October 2006 (a yang fire dog year, and yang earth dog month in the yang earth dragon luck cycle, which he entered in the year 2006.

    He died 30th of July, 2007. He was still in the same luck cycle, the day was yin wood ox day, in the yin fire sheep month, in the yin fire pig year. All the earth used to be favourable but he does not have enough vitality to 'use' it and he is overwhelmed. It was, however, a life well lived and he made a most remarkable contribution to european cinema. Who can forget the dark and brooding Seventh Seal. It is a movie that penetrates your psyche deeply. http://youtu.be/-2MQthEYGsI Just to life your mood check out the Dawn and French parody which did manage to capture the mood very well.

    [1]    This refers to the Rodin scale for birth data – this means that no birth certificate exists or has been viewed

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