Vale Eli Wallach who passed at the modest age of 98 on June 24th 2014 I just don’t understand why he couldn’t hold out for the ton!  I remember with great affection seeing The Magnificent Seven, and The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. He was a great comedic talent with brilliant timing and phrasing, not to mention an extraordinarily rugged visage that allowed him to inhabit diverse characters.

Eli Wallach was born in Brooklyn, New York to parents who were Polish Jewish immigrants. He obtained a Bachelor of History from University of Texas and then a Masters of Education from City College New York, he started studying acting but the war intervened. He reached the rank of Captain in the Military. After the war he was seen on Broadway from 1945 winning a Tony award in 1951 in Tennessee Williams Rose Tattoo. The stage was his love, to which he returned time and time again. He played many times on Broadway with his wife Anne.

His Chart

He has a Yuan between his Yang water day master and the yin fire month stem – they combine to form wood. His year stem is yin wood and his year branch and month branch combine to form wood. He is born in the month that gives birth to water which nourishes wood. Apart from the monkey that sits as resource to a Yang water person his entire flow is wood. We can say he follows wood (output).

In many of his luck cycles we see water or wood.

His first luck cycle is Yang fire sitting over the dog. This is a strong fire pillar. From 1935 in his 2nd luck cycle, we find yin wood. Again, this yin wood helps him as it is the same as his flow. In 1936 he was awarded a bachelor of history from Texas University. In 1938 he was awarded a Masters of education from City College in New York, he intended to start teaching but instead studied acting.

In the second half of this 2nd luck pillar from 1940 he is under the influence of the Rooster, which clashes with his year branch of Rabbit. This period of time he saw service in the US military and uncovered his comedic talents.

His 3rd luck cycle commenced in 1945 and was Yang wood sitting over the monkey. Again we see the metal able to trim wood as we saw in the previous luck cycle. 1945 he started on Broadway. 1945 was a Yin wood Rooster year. He won a Tony award in 1951 (yin water rabbit) in Tennessee Williams Rose Tattoo. In this luck cycle he married his lifelong partner Anne Jackson, March 5, 1948- strong wood present in the month.

His Wife

Anne has a borderline chart. She has a weak wood flow but it is not supported by the month and is challenged by the fire in the month and year stems, and the monkey sitting in the health palace. However, when we put their two charts together we see a very strong flow to wood – her yin wood sheep (day pillar) combines with his two wood branches – rabbit and pig thus consolidating his flow. This means she surrenders to the wood when she lives and works with Eli – the truth is that they acted together throughout their entire lives – their last performance together was in 2003 in ER. They have 3 children and both speak and spoke highly of each other enjoying many exciting roles on the stage.

First Movie Award

His first award-winning film was Baby Doll in 1956 (his debut performance), just after he entered the 4th luck cycle of yin water sitting over the sheep. This movie was rather controversial, but set him on a regular movie and television output. This was a very auspicious cycle. 1960 was an award-winning year with the release of The Magnificent Seven for which he is rightly famous. 1961 (yin metal ox) saw him cast in the Misfits (with Munroe and Clark Gable).

His 5th luck cycle was Yang water sitting over the horse which commenced in 1965. Again this was a productive time for him and 1966 saw the release of the quintessential Wallach award-winning movie The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. These were very productive years for him. He never again made an award-winning movie, but he did feature in some interesting and curious movies.

Whilst doing the research for this article I found this lovely quote from him in response to a question about how he inhabited his roles.

"Right now I'm playing an old man," he said at age 84. But "I've been through all the ethnic groups, from Mexican bandits to Italian Mafia heads to Okinawans to half-breeds, and now I'm playing old Jews. Who knows?"[1]

Spouse Elements

Let us look at the quality of the spouse elements for Both Eli and Anne. Eli, being a male with Yang Water day master, his spouse element is fire. He has his spouse element sitting very close to him making a Yuan with his Yang Water day master. Anne, being a female, her spouse element is metal. Her spouse element is sitting in her health palace (month branch). This means that within their natal charts both Eli and Anne have their spouse element close to them. The only time that Eli’s spouse element can be challenged is when another yang water or yin fire comes along. This happened in 1965 through 1969. He nearly lost his life 3 times whilst shooting The Good, The Bad and the Ugly (1966 – a yang fire horse year) under the direction of Sergio Leone – in fact, these incidents affected his relationship with Leone and he never appeared in another Leone directed film again.[2] With that much fire present in the year it was very fortunate that his protective gods are found in his year pillars and his spouse palace.

Anne’s spouse element can really only be made stronger. When yin wood sees yang metal it makes metal which is her spouse element – thus reinforcing her relationship. Her monkey can be threatened by the snake and, more particularly, the tiger . This happened in her 3rd luck cycle of the snake and the 6th luck cycle of the tiger.

Eli died on the 24th of June of this year, a yang fire tiger day, in a yang metal horse month in a yang wood horse year. This made for an extremely strong fire flow.  I guess one just has to bow out at some time and 18 months short of your Century is not too shabby.

Here are some links to a few video’s the 1st has the fabulous Morricone soundtrack 


This is the final scene from The Good the Bad and the Ugly.


And this from the Magnificent Seven


Their Charts

It is clear from his chart that he is a follow wood. Born in the season of water when wood is strong. His Yang water day master combines with the yin fire month to form wood.

Anne has a borderline chart with a very weak wood flow. This flow is easily turned upside down. That is, until she met and married Eli. She then became a wood flow.

[2] Of course all the stems come around in the annual energies

© Vicki Sauvage first published July 2014


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