Mindfulness Meditation Coaching

Mindfulness based Meditation Coaching

Now days it is almost as though mindfulness meditation is the new sliced bread. Everywhere we turn people are talking about mindfulness in various contexts. In fact the word mindfulness has slipped seamlessly into daily parlance. So what distinguishes mindfulness meditation from sliced bread?

Mindfulness meditation seeks to bring us into a meaningful awareness of what we are doing from moment to moment. We have many examples in our daily life of when we are mind-less - that is when we are entirely reactive and NOT thoughtful, reflective and acting from recent training not from pre-set functions, usually coded from childhood.

In addition most of us are not Buddhists and most of us (in the West) have moved away from religious frameworks. So what is it that classical Buddhist mindfulness mediation can offer us the humble westerner?

The notion of practice and guidance sits at the core of what we offer here. Remember when you learned to drive a car? Do you remember thinking OMG I will never remember to do all those things together and stay safe (myself and others)? Well that is what MM Training or Coaching can offer you. Some skilled guidance whilst you learn to drive your car.

Have you heard the emerging conversation about narcissism? This age is being dubbed the narcissistic age - what does that mean? It is like everyone is sitting atop a mountain, forgetting how to communicate and empathise with others. Is this something you resonate with? Do others around you seem narcissistic? Are you narcissistic (that is put your needs, comfort and well-being above all others), are you accused of being narcissistic (correctly or incorrectly), or do you notice it in others? You know the classic eastern saying about the world acts as a mirror to our state of mind and state of being.

So lets collectively get down off the mountain. Let us all learn how to become more mindful, more thoughtful, more caring, more efficient, more effective and more tolerant and more compassionate.

Getting started

Read more about the benefits of Mindfulness Training here

Sneak Preview

For a sneak preview get a free download of the Introduction to the progressive muscle relaxation which forms part of week 1 training.

Introduction - Progressive Muscle Relaxation Introduction - Progressive Muscle Relaxation (3959 KB)

After practising diligently, twice a day for 6 weeks you have the resources to challenge your habitual responses to stimuli and CHOOSE to act more mindfully in more an more life situations.

The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin. It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.
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