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January 2017 Flying Star

Vicki Sauvage - Tuesday, January 03, 2017

January 2017 is the Metal Ox Month.

The qi is now changing over as the Ox and the Rooster can combine to form metal. This is therefore a big transition month. Don't hold your breath waiting for news of that promotion / transfer / successful tender etc. Use the month to fast, reflect and contemplate your role in your life. Renew, refresh and recalibrate. This month we also have Chinese New Year occurring with most of the celebrations occurring this side of the Solar Year change.

There are 9 directions including the centre.

The chi rotates through these 9 palaces in a predictable way, but it has 2 additional layers of interpretation.

  1. the gua or palace it lands in
  2. the annual star that is hosted in that gua

This gives 3 possible interactions which will bring greater or lesser benefits to individuals.

  • North: 7 / 5 in Kan Gua which has the qi of water
Treatment: we have metal and earth made stronger very much weakening the natal gua. Use additional metal and water to exhaust
  • North East:  

    5 / 3 

    in Gen Gua which is earth - the mountain
Treatment: earth and wood are not friendly. This is a very aggressive energy and best to be avoided. Don't use doors or bedrooms located here unless you are VERY strong. Use strong fire and then metal to exhaust the earth.
  • East: 9 / 7 in Zhuen Gua which is wood. 
Treatment: Despite having the annual favourable energy here the 7 is meddlesome. Reduce it's power by using water - active but not in bedrooms there use symbolic water.
  • South East: 1 / 8 in Sun Gua which is wood
Treatment: this is a very favourable direction and location this month. Again welcome it with activity and allowing the qi to enter the building
  • South: 6 / 4 in Li Gua which is fire
Treatment: very auspicious energy - use it as much as possible.
  • South West: 8 / 6 in Kun Gua which is earth
Treatment: use this room / door / windows as much as possible, welcoming the qi.
  • West: 4 / 2 in Dui Gua which is metal
Treatment: very inauspicious. Deplete with fire and metal.
  • North West: 3 / 1 in Qian Gua which is metal
Treatment: finally a little bit of relief even though the gua is depleted by these energies we don't want to enhance the metal as it will cut the wood. You can certainly harness this energy this month.
  • Centre: 2 / 9 this is the palace from which all emanates. 
Treatment: use plus plus plus. Expect lots of sudden, unexpected good news - parties, engagements, weddings and other celebrations.

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