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acting with no expectations

Vicki Sauvage - Monday, June 17, 2013

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Video blog for June 2013

Tuesday 18th June 2013

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: wood rabbit

Flow: strong fire

Analysis: all yield to the fire - there is no other than fire today. The double hours might produce a slight variation but the fire is the winner. If you don't like fire, or can't manage fire then you might find your energy fully depleted or you might find people around you erupting in a most volatile way - take shelter and keep your qi preserved.

Wednesday 19th June 2013

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: fire dragon

Flow: strong fire

Analysis: again the fire dominates with a little bit of wood and earth in the dragon which means that not all falls over in the path of the fire. Fire is associated with joy - too much joy disrupts the mind. If you find yourself overly discombobulated by all this fire then make sure you put some balance back.

Thursday 20th June 2013 - void day before summer solstice - double travel

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: fire snake

Flow: very strong fire

Analysis: this is a very very strong fire day. See if you can reap the wealth that is inherent in this day. Don't waste it but if you do not like or cannot harness fire then today is for conserving qi. Each of us respond differently to the universal qi that is present every day.

Friday  21st June 2013 - void, summer solstice

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: earth horse - replicated pillar

Flow: fire

Analysis: two horses and two lots of earth - does the earth remain strong or does the fire prevail - the fire prevails because of the yin water in the year pillar and the two horses = fire, game, set and match to fire. If you have an ox, snake or rooster in your pillar anywhere - particularly the year or day pillar then there will be pressure on your relationship.

Saturday 22nd June 2013

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: earth sheep

Flow: fire

Analysis: again fire prevails - as it has throughout the whole month thus far. There is a full season combination today. A child is born today will be a very strong child - who might have more than one mother or find a great deal of support from many mentors - finding the balance between too many spoons feeding one and thus disabling you and getting the support you need is the fine balance that children of many mothers must learn. Walk with wisdom.

Sunday 23rd June 2013

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: metal monkey

Flow: fire but strong challenge from metal

Analysis: surrender to power day. If metal is your power element then use it with wisdom. Power with out wisdom is tyranny. It could also bring about respiratory problems or large intestine problems. See post below.

Monday 24th June 2013 

Year: water snake

Month: earth horse

Day: metal rooster

Flow: metal

Analysis: there are two equally strong flows - fire and metal. The metal is the leader, the emperor, he must surrender to the power element which is fire. As with Sunday, power without wisdom is dangerous. It makes me think of the chart of Ahmadinejad. He is a dominant earth man who likes fire and earth and dislikes metal, water and wood he can take or leave depending on its strength. He lost power on the 15th June to Hassan Rouhani. The day of the election there was strong water and his key rival was present. The water of the day stem and the rat combined with the monkey and dragon in his luck pillar and stole his power away by extinguishing his fire. I will write more on his chart later.

Wisdom words

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue.
Tao Te Ching

When you become more mindful you are more present to the now
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