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Vicki Sauvage - Monday, December 25, 2017

2018 is the year of the earth dog. The dog sits opposite the dragon in the magic circle and has a secondary clash with the rooster. 

This means that if a dragon, a dog or a rooster feature prominently in your chart, or you are just changing to one of these animals in your luck cycle then you will find this is a seriously karmic year - don't shrink from the lessons, stand up boldly and take it on the chin - find out what sits deep below the situations that will unfold for you.

My husband and I have been re-reading Dr Brian Weiss on past life regression / past life memories that carry into the current life time and how it impacts on our relationships. It doesn't matter if you do not subscribe to the theory / idea that we reincarnate - the ideas may be alien to you BUT, if you reject the notion, then see what you can do with the idea that reincarnation is a mind metaphor. All my actions at all times will have consequences and I reap what I sow now, or further down the track. If we develop a mentality that checks in about things at the time they are happening then we can get closer to the genesis of this new event in our earlier actions. For example, if I drive over broken glass and don't stop to check my tyres immediately, then the loss of responsivness when I'm driving at 80 kms an hour could lead to an accident or at the best a very scary moment! Deal with it as it unfolds then there is no residue.

If we don't engage then we get to do it again and again and again - the lesson that is and in chinese metaphysics that will happen every 6 years! When we come into clash or our sign(s) come back again then we will re-experience unfinished stuff.

the dragon and the dog are earth

The dragon is earth and so too is the dog. It is hard for earth to fight earth. You can easily see however that things could become stuck! Obstinacy is more a trait of yin earth but, because the dragon has water buried in it and the dog has fire buried in it - when water and fire clash they cause eruptions and serious steam. This means it will be very hard for dragons particularly to see the other persons point of view. The emotional cost of holding stubbornly to thoughts and notions leads to obdurate, closed and hardened earth. It cannot grow any plants or trees. New thoughts and ideas cannot take root.

What to do when you find yourself in conflict with others?

faith and trust

Draw on your faith and trust. If you have misplaced them then actively nurture them. This is your mission this year. Learn about faith and trust, learn to be forgiving and sweet. Learn about relinquishing control over external factors and deeply nurture your inner sweetness.

Sadly there will be an increase in cancers and other spleen disorders. The spleen in Chinese medicine governs the transmission and digestion of food and liquid. It aids the functions of the stomach in its job. It supplies nutrients to generate essential qi, blood and body fluids to the system.

Please take up some reflective or meditative practices. It is only when we cultivate quiet and equanimity that we get the space to choose to react or not react, or if we chose to react, to react appropriately rather than from our habitual nature.

I will be running some Mind in Motion courses in 2018, usually at the seasonal midpoints (from a Chinese calendar point of view). That means March, June, September and December. You can follow when they will be by subscribing to the newsletter.

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