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Are you working with a tyrant

Vicki Sauvage - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

We are 1 1/2 months into the year of the Earth Dog. There are several articles in the archives which you may have already read. If you are yet to read them and want more information you can find them here and here!

Are you working with a tyrant

(or what I can learn from the Fei Kong year).

A few of my regular clients who have been smart enough to purchase the calendar and are using it regularly to check what days to work from home or when to take a very long walk at lunch time are managing to navigate the Fei Kong folk in their environment.

If you are being buffeted by the slings and arrows of most outrageous work colleagues / family / friends read on!

Fei Kong energy only occurs on a dragon or dog year / month / day. It must meet either a yang water, a yang metal or a yang earth stem to be classed as Fei Kong.  The 1st of March was a Fei Kong day. Go back and see if anyone in the office / environment overstepped the mark and lost their sh.. in a spectacular way? March 19th was also a Fei Kong Day (yang metal dog day). If this energy is in your chart or the chart of someone around you then expect power plays around you. The key to navigation is to avoid the obstacles! Scoot around them or climb over them! Don't engage because it will only escalate and bring pain and suffering.

fei kong days

April will have 3 Fei Kong days - 6th, 18th and 30th as well as being a full on clash month with the dog year. The 6th, 18h and 30th will also be extreme clashes with dragon's clashing with the dogs. Definitely days to factor in 2 or 3 or 4 periods during the day when you meditate, do yoga, tai chi, pause for thought and reflection.

when all around is conflict

When engaged in conflict we lose personal energy, and depending on our overall disposition we are more or less able to dissipate the energy of clash. For some we hold on dearly and strenuously to the pain and suffering of being opposed, for others it is possible to feel the feeling and then move on to a state of equilibrium.






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