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Aung San Suii Kyi and the yin metal sheep

Vicki Sauvage - Wednesday, November 17, 2010
Today is a yin metal sheep day. The sheep is earth. Earth produces metal - it is therefore a good flow.

The emperor of the day is yin metal. Yin metal has small resource in the form of the yin earth, it is not overly challenged today other than by the yin fire in the position of power. With the presence of the yin earth the fire is drained to support the emperor.

There are some energies in the yang cycle which are creating some torsions in the flow.

We have yang metal sitting right next to the emperor trying to steal his thunder. We have yang water sitting in the place of output - but effectively it just drains the yang metal taking away the direct threat. We also have strong yang wood but that is effectively draining the water and then feeding the power.

There is no yang earth so the result is that the yang fire further controls the competing element of yang metal.

Whilst there is a tendency for the sheep and the pig to combine to form wood, there is no wood stem so it cannot transform except in the hour of the horse and the hour of the sheep today. In these 4 hours the energy will focus on wood which is wealth and it will well and truly challenge the day emperor.

Julia Gillard is a yin wood day master and her power is yin metal. Tony Abbott is a yang metal day master and his power is yang wood. Today the energies support Julia Gillard more than they do Tony Abbott.

Aung San Suii Kyi is a yin earth day master sitting over sheep. The yin fire sitting in the position of power in the day's energies supports her day master - this strengthens her, in so doing it dramatically shifts the energies in her chart.

None of us are Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott or Aung San Suii Kyi but by looking at their charts we can see the energies playing out (more or less). For all of them we are missing their hours of birth and so 1/4 of the picture is obscure.



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