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Baa baa fire sheep have you any wool?

Vicki Sauvage - Monday, July 02, 2012

Tai Qi in Hobart

I have started my Tai Qi classes again so, if you are interested then check out the page and enroll, or come along before work and start the day with a new view.

Tues 3rd July - yin wood ox

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang fire horse
  • day: yin wood ox

Emperor is yin wood.

The flow is to earth driven by the fire in the month stem.

Earth is wealth for our emperor so it is a day where wealth will be a focus for the daily conversations and the media reports. Can you reap your rewards - yes and no - it depends on your chart and interestingly the feng shui that you enjoy or that surrounded you in your conception and early years!

Wed 4th July- yang fire tiger - travel day

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang fire horse
  • day: yang fire tiger

Emperor is yang fire.

The flow is fire fire fire!

Watch those around you for sudden flare ups and irrational behaviour (of course you never do this do you).

If you find yourself all fired up and no where to go with that energy then how about doing something for someone else - maybe go shovel snow, or dirt or move a pile of wood for someone. If you give vent to the emotional aspects of this day then you will damage your internal qi.

Thur 5th July - yin fire rabbit - day of challenge

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang fire horse
  • day: yin fire rabbit

Emperor is yin fire.

The flow is blocked every which way. The yin fire clashes or competes with the yang fire on the month. The rabbit and the horse clash - whoa - take stock today - don't push it if you find resistance, if you find people challenging you or competition arise then accept the universal message and find a different way to do things.

In addition there are two romance stars flashing their butty - so, if you are looking for romance, either to renew and refresh or to find a new partner then today could be very powerful for you - it is particularly strong if you are a horse or horse figures in your chart and it is important to you.

Fri 6th July - yang earth dragon

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang fire horse
  • day: yang earth dragon

Emperor is yang earth.

The flow is earth, earth earth. Everyone is recruited to become earth or to feed the earth.

Earth governs spleen and stomach qi. It would be a really really good day to fast if you have the 'nerve' for it.

Ensure that you stock up on fluids though and not just coffee and tea.

Sat 7th July - yin earth snake - change of month

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin fire sheep
  • day: yin earth snake

Emperor is yin earth.

The flow is tricky. The month is changing - already a do nothing day. The year energy and the month energy would like to combine but there is no push - that means their nature is fragile. There are 3 energies all with 3 potential qi - mmm - the trend seems to be to earth - but really tricky to call and to take advantage of. 

Sun 8th July - yang metal horse

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin fire sheep 
  • day: yang metal horse

Emperor is yang metal.

The flow is to fire and the fire is able to control the metal - it is therefore a wealth day.

Are you ready for this - can you control the metal and the fire? It is a choice for you to make, although the opportunities might be limited and restricted on the day of rest.

Mon 9th July - yin metal sheep

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin fire sheep 
  • day: yin metal sheep

Emperor is yin metal.

Baa baa fire sheep have you any wool?

Yes I have 3 bags full - the sheep, the horse and the yin fire month stem are just going to make such a fine trio - good luck to them.

If you find that there is too much fire in the behaviour of others make sure that you do not add to the fire, turn it to your advantage and help change the dynamic in your team, in your home, in your community.

Look at the universal cycles to help determine when to open your business.
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