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Child born today can be fearful

Vicki Sauvage - Monday, January 24, 2011
Today is the 24th of January, a yin earth rabbit day. The rabbit is wood and wood breaks up earth. As with yesterday it means that earth challenges heaven.

There is no real cosmic flow with the day emperor being strong in its own right, depending on no-one else.

The child born today is very independent, and will struggle to find ways of asking for support. If you are in a relationship with this child then make sure that you develop a way of checking in with them at the energetic level and providing it - at least at that subtle level.

There is a challenge to the power of emperor from the rabbit but until more wood comes along the power is inconsequential.

The weakest energy today is yin water which is being drained by the wood and being challenged by the earth. Yin water governs the energy of the kidney meridian. Fear is the greatest emotion that depletes this system. A fear shared is a fear reduced - remember this for children born on this day.

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