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communicate with someone who has slipped from view

Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sorry about the break down in continuity - sometimes life events over take us and we just have to focus on different priorities. I am going to go back to twice weekly posting for a while to see if I can keep up with those life events and meet your needs too. Here's hoping.

Sunday 22nd September 2013 - month and day clash

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: metal rabbit

Flow: metal

Analysis: the metal is very strong with the snake and rooster being in a combo and the metal stems going - yes thank you. If you like metal then this will be a great day. The emperor is strong and powerful. If you have weak wood in your chart then make sure you keep your health, wellbing and equanimity under control - good day for protective herbs and protective practices.

Monday 23rd September 2013

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: water dragon

Flow: water

Analysis: today communication comes to the fore. Metal forces the flow to water, thus making the emperor strong. If you like water then the flow is good. Ensure that you make an effort to communicate with someone who has slipped from view today.

Tuesday 24th September 2013 - fu yin

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: water snake

Flow: water

Analysis: repeat of the year pillar - this is not considered a good time for anything auspicious. A day for preparing and planning and meeting up with friends. Pay it forward today. 

Wednesday 25th September 2013 

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: wood horse

Flow: metal

Analysis: in the hours of the dog and the tiger there will be a trend to fire and the fire will be strong. Use it to get that momentum for projects that need the sun to shine, or more specifically for you to shine. Otherwise the trend or flow is to metal with the rooster, snake and month stem dominating - for most of the day it will be about control and power.

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