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David Miliband and Tony Abbott what do they have in common?

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, October 10, 2010
Today we have yin water snake. The snake is fire and is in clash with the water. The water is heaven and the snake is fire. Fire and water = steam or explosions involving water or liquid which includes petrol, wine, gas etc not just literal water. For heaven and earth to be in accord there has to be a moderating influence (wood).

The tiger is wood BUT is heavily committed to a month long relationship with the dog. Together they combine and transform to fire. In so doing they essentially deplete the energies of those who are 'with them' - ' all for one, one for all'.

David Miliband like Tony Abbot is a yang metal day master. Tony Abbott is also a yang metal day master. Both have been denied the power that they believe is their due. Why? More on that later. I will continue to analyze both their charts through out this month as it is very interesting to look at what unfolds for them both this month. Tony's month has been less than an auspicious start with his gaff about Afghanistan.

Today there appears to be a flow of qi with all elements being present but when they are tied up in the affinities then movement is kind of grid locked. Today the lock is towards wealth, but not the spiraling, giddy energy of yesterday with the energy of the yang metal being such a support for the Aussie Dollar.
(1 Australian dollar = 0.986 U.S. dollars) Great for importers shocking for exporters! You can't please all the people all the time now can you.

The most useful universal flow is for people who can use fire in whichever way as wealth, power, resource or output. It depends on your personal chart. For example if you are a yang water day master and you can use the amount of wealth that is present in the universal flow then today is much more supportive for you than if you are a yin water person.

If you are a yang metal person and power is important to you then the trend to fire is supportive. If you are a yang earth person and the resource of yang fire is important to you then today is good for you. We will spend more time analyzing these as the month unfolds too.

Your challenge today is to make hay while the sun shines and make sure you put at least 60 - 70% aside for the coming months / years. Make the inspired and inspiring decisions and choices this month. Also make sure you do not attach to these outcomes as they too shall move off just like a flower in the wind.

The October newsletter has been posted to the website. Check it out and sign up whilst you are there! And the podcast of the October fire dog month is also posted.

It is very important that you look at what are the implications of making those changes are.
Make sure that your renovations follow a sound master plan.
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