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Excessive yin metal - watch what is being said and Tony Abbott!

Vicki Sauvage - Monday, March 07, 2011
Today is the 7th of March 2011. It is a yin metal rooster day. The rooster is yin metal and therefore heaven and earth are the same.

The cosmic flow is not really present. The rooster is yin metal and there are three yin metal stems this means that the yin metals have it.

The rooster is in clash with the rabbit and because there are more yin metal stems than the two rabbits then yin metal wins out.
Excessive yin metal - Tony Abbott is vulnerable to shooting off his mouth today

The day emperor is therefore strong to very strong. The wood is sitting in the palace of wealth today. This means that the retail sector will, once again, be in the spotlight. The emperor can control the wealth.

The weakest elements today are yin earth (being exhausted) and yin water will be overwhelmed by the excessive yin metal. It is being supported by the wood but the water just can't cope with that much metal.

Yin metal governs the lungs and yin water governs kidney. This means that if you are vulnerable, the lungs might get congested and the kidneys not be able to transport the excess water in the system. I can see issues of oedema, particularly pulmonary oedema being an issue. Make sure that you keep warm, that you avoid chills and take your immune system supplements.

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