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exercise power with wisdom otherwise it becomes tyranny

Vicki Sauvage - Friday, October 04, 2013

We are in the last day use of the metal rooster month, it is fading in intensity and we are beginning to feel the influence of the dog

Thursday 3rd October 2013 - travel clash

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: water tiger

Flow: water

Analysis: we have a yang water Tiger day to day. The Tiger is a travel sign and clashes with the snake. The emperor is strong today. He has managed to unplug the metal and as such the water is flowing with too much ease. If you need metal then today is not brilliant for you. But if you are a wood or a water person then today is very usable.

Friday 4th October 2013 - clash between rooster and rabbit

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: water rabbit

Flow: water

Analysis: the rooster is metal and the rabbit is wood. The wood is not able to withstand the metal, as the metal can control the wood but the presence of yin water means the metal is weakened and the wood is strengthen. However, the double hours will also modify this picture.

Saturday 5th October 2013

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: wood dragon

Flow: metal

Analysis: the metal is strong again today. The emperor is wood and surrenders to the metal It is however the final hurrah for the rooster as his power is almost exhausted. The emphasis is on power. Always exercise power with wisdom otherwise it becomes tyranny.

Sunday 6th October 2013 

Year: water snake

Month: metal rooster

Day: wood snake

Flow: metal

Analysis: the emperor is yin wood. The metal is very strong. It is like using a chainsaw to trim a hedge, one slip and it is curtains, or should I say kindling. The water in the year pillar is not sufficient to strengthen the Emperor - he yields completely

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Accept disgrace as the condition of self.

except misfortune as the condition of life.

Lao Tze - Tao Te Ching

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