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Fasting is a good thing to do in the months of earth

Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sunday 9th - start of the yang earth dog month

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog

This month is going to be a strong month, with great possibilities. The earth sitting over the earth is HARMONIOUS! The dog and the rabbit combine to form fire. Whilst the season is not beneficial for fire as it is the end of the season of metal it is nevertheless a tendency or trend to fire which, on auspicious days will see a favourable transformation.

The earth month is a good time to fast, to attend to your digestion, to look at what you have been storing away through the previous months of metal (August, September). You may have a residue of metal tension which might manifest as respiratory tract infections, an over emphasis on your large intestine and your voice.

  • Day: yin fire rooster

The emperor is yin fire.

The flow is to metal with the rooster and the dog combining to form the partial season of metal. 

The emperor surrenders to wealth. It is the season of harvest - picking the fruit of prosperity. Remember to put some of your harvest away - giving to others who are less well resourced.

Wealth can also represent your career, so making moves to ensure that you document your career if you are getting ready to change your occupation / focus is going with the flow.

Sneak Preview

Monday 10th: yang earth dog in a yang earth dog month.

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