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Fri 28th fu yin day - considered void

Vicki Sauvage - Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fri 28th September - yang water dragon

This is a fu yin day and as such is regarded as a void day - so beware what you plan for today.

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yang water dragon

Emperor is yang water.

The flow is to tricky - there are many conflicts here. The rooster would like to combine with the dragon to form metal. There is a conflicting dragon sitting on the other side of the rooster. There is no metal stem so they remain as potentials but the switch has not been flicked.

Again the double hours will dictate much - particularly the hour of the rat and the hours of metal - rat and ox hours - bit late at night to take advantage of the flow. Some children will wake at night with toothache, and some adults will experience a great deal of mouth pain.

Sat 29th September - yin water snake - travel day

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month:yin earth rooster
  • day: yin water snake

Emperor is yin water.

The flow is to metal even without the metal stem - it is too strong being forced by the rooster but it is also being pulled up by the water stems.

The force for travel particularly metal vessels is very strong. It is likely to be a very heated day on the road with people doing head strong things and getting verbally abusive - avoid conflict - you will not win and it is sometimes much more prudent to admit fault in these situations.

Sun 30th September - yang wood horse

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yang wood horse

Emperor is yang wood.

The emperor is weak surrendering wealth.

A good day to be giving alms - share our wealth to help others.

Mon 1st October - yin wood sheep

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin earth rooster
  • day: yin wood sheep

Emperor is yin wood.

The flow is to earth which is again wealth. It will also shift during the day according to the double hours - they will have the power to create different and powerful flows. Stay alert and call on your chart which I or someone else has done for you so that you can utilise these hours to the best of your ability.


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