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Friday 2nd Dec is yin metal rabbit

Vicki Sauvage - Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday 2nd Dec: yin metal rabbit

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yin earth pig
  • day: yin metal rabbit

The emperor is yin metal.

The flow is wood.

The emperor is weak.

The strongest energy is wood and wood is causing the emperor to strike out. It is a day given to wealth. Concentrating on the making of money only is very dangerous. It will deplete your energy. If you have energy to spare then ensure that you share some of your talents and skills with others.

Imagine that you are a great big sword, and that you are able to trim and make useful the trees of the forest. This is particularly true when you are a yin metal day master.

Saturday 3rd Dec: yang water dragon

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yin earth pig
  • day: yang water dragon

The emperor is yang water.

The flow away from the emperor to his offspring.

The water is able to nurture and support the children. It is a situation of nourishing those below your, your literal offspring or your metaphorical offspring. The things that spring from you can also be your creativity. What have you done recently to enhance your creativity? What have you done as a gift to another? Sometimes giving them a labour of love is the key.

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Sun 4th: yin water snake

Mon 5th: yang wood horse

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