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Friday awash with loads of water

Vicki Sauvage - Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fri 24th August - yin fire snake - double travel

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang earth monkey
  • day: yin fire snake

Emperor is yin fire.

The flow is to water with the snake and the monkey who are both travel signs combining to form water. They are supported in this transformation by the yang water in the year pillar - so we are all awash with loads of water.

Interestingly I have a washing machine full of water today when the circuit board finally failed fully! A new washing machine is the order of the day.

The emperor is fire and fire is controlled by water - it is a day of action, of authority and of getting things done, particularly if water is favourable for you. If you are fire and would like to stay strong then today is not your day - postpone your decisions for a better time.

Sat 25th August - yang earth horse - look at me, look at me

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang earth monkey
  • day: yang earth horse

Emperor is yang earth.

He has a pal sitting on his shoulder - if the month earth is favourable will depend on your chart - it could be a day of rivalry or of support from friends and colleagues - it is a tricky energy.

As there is hidden earth in the dragon, monkey and horse the flow is loudly and unequivocally to earth. Watch out for those who will not move. Drizzling water can help move mountains (if time is on your side).

The horse is showy and wants to be on the move in a very restless sort of way. Today he will have a job to do which he will do very well.

Sun 26th August - yin earth sheep

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang earth monkey
  • day: yin earth sheep

Emperor is yin earth.

He has a competitor sitting on his shoulder and cannot progress.

There is water everywhere and it will overwhelm the sheep and the yin earth.

When water is stronger than earth we have an over-focus on wealth. Some people will tie themselves in knots trying to make that one final deal. Hey Sunday is a day of rest - get with the programme and chill! 

Mon 27th August - yang metal monkey - travel in pairs

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yang earth monkey
  • day: yang metal monkey

Emperor is yang metal.

The flow is towards water, with the earth and the metal contributing to a very strong output.

Time to focus on nurturing and healing others. Find someone who needs a kind word, a helpful act and then pay it forward. Be kind to yourself and others today.

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