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How hot can it get - burning up the dance floor

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, June 01, 2014

Season of Fire

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The Month of the metal Horse

The month of the metal horse will be very fiery. There are two horses showing off their power and vitality this month but they can be out of control so get the edge by working out which of the 12 day masters you are and taking charge.

The month stem is Yang metal and the months branch is fire. This means we have metal sitting over fire. Fire melts metal.

The year stem is yang wood and the year branch is horse. The horse is fire, and fire is enhanced by wood.

The horse represent the peak of fire. This means that two horses are very much able to melt or control the  month stem. Metal is weak, fire is strong.

The image is of a raging furnace able to mould and control metal. The key to this month is getting the oxygen mix right - too much oxygen and the metal is molten and no longer useful. Just the right oxygen mix means that the vigour and achievement of the metal is preserved but moulded to a useful shape.

The fire is very vigorous - scorching and preserving nothing on the sheep days.

Sheep Days

  • 17th of June - earth sheep

  • 29th of June - metal sheep

Tiger and Dog days will also contribute a huge boost to the fire. They are:
  • 8th June - metal dog
  • 12th June - wood tiger
  • 20th June - water dog
  • 24th June - fire tiger = VERY HOT - too hot to handle
  • 2nd July - wood dog
  • 6th July - void do - do nothing

Your Day Master

  • If you are a yang wood day master then you will find yourself very depleted - all goes to contribute to the power of the fire but fire is your wealth - if you can handle it then it could be a prosperous time for you.

  • If you are a yin wood day master then you will find yourself trying to support others to maintain their position - you will be exhausted in the process so remember to be VERY judicious when you allocate support to others.

  • If you are a strong yang fire day master then you will find a lot of support in the fire. The fire is passionate, dominant and exhausting for those who are too open in their chi flow - make sure you have enough chi left for another day. Kevin Rudd is a Yang Fire day master. Could be good news around for him this month although he has two roosters and the two horses might be too much of a challenge.

  • If you are a yin fire day master then you may find the fire helpful but you need to be strong in your own right - if you are a weak yin fire day master OR don't like competition this could be quite an exhausting time for you. Conserve and preserve.

  • If you are a strong yang earth day master then you will be in your element - you will love the support of mentors and helpful people. All the fire will flow to you - make sure that you can take the heat in this kitchen. Don't take on too much and keep checking on your spleen health.

  • The yin earth day master would love to tango with the yang wood of the year stem, but now is not the time for this dalliance. You might find yourself just overwhelmed with things to do and completely unrealistic deadlines.

  • If you are a yang metal day master then you will find that this fire is going to produce hardship for you. Watch Tony Abbot for this month he is a strong yang metal man and does not like fire.

  • If you are a yin metal day master then keep your derrière away from the fire - it will just show up your flaws, not your scintillating personality.

  • If you are a yang water day master, you could find yourself leaking energy to trivial projects, not getting recognised and generally getting all steamed up with the fire from the furnaces. If you like to stay weak then this could be an interesting time for you as the wood is your salvation as it were.

  • If you are yin water, then your light rain will turn to mist - you won't be able to see a millimeter in front of your nose. Use your very strong intuition to navigate the large gaping pits that surround us this month.

How do you know what your day master is? Check out this calculator and find out your day master.

Last month's post was very well received with so many people checking on the calculator to find out what element they are. This is, of course, generic advice and is no substitute for personal advice.

Reflecting on the Tao

Lesson 44 Tao Te Ching

Those who forget grievances

nourish peace;

And those who remember grievances.

perpetuate discord.

Because the Tao is impartial,

those who follow the Tao.

Are also impartial.

Thus balance is restored

by those with balance.

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