Everything is Energy

Julia Gillard is an ox

Vicki Sauvage - Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Very brief blog today as am on a flight interstate so no time to attend to this in depth.

Today is a yin metal ox day. Ox is yin earth. The earth supports and nurtures the ox. Julia Gillard and Barack Obama are metal oxen. Metal is Julia's power.

The ox keeps on keeping on when others fall over. The resilience and fortitude of the ox are amazing and we can take lessons from these working men and women. Kind of like a Duracell battery!

The day master or emperor of the day is yin metal. Yin and yang metal are the keynotes of the day - so take care with what slips the lip today. Keep quiet and observe those around you. Help where needed and speak not lest it be misunderstood.

Be well, be happy and welcome the earth of the ox.

Weakest energy is Water, therefore ensure your communication skills are honed fine today - you will need them.

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