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let the people be guided by nameless simplicity

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, October 27, 2013

Month of the water dog.

Monday 28th October 2013

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: Fire rabbit

Flow: fire

Analysis: the rabbit and the dog combine to form fire. The emperor is fire. But again, water sitting in the two stems in the month and the year are sufficient to rain on this parade. There will need to be stimulation from other stems or fire branches to keep this fire alight. It is much like more likely to be a day with steam and of obfuscation. You certainly won't be relying on others to keep their word or to move mountains.

Tuesday 29th October 2013 - clash dragon and dog

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: Earth Dragon

Flow: earth

Analysis: the emperor is strong today. the Dragon and the dog are adjacent to each other, and even though they clash they are not going to harm the Emperor. If you are a water, wood or fire person then you might struggle today unless you like earth.

Wednesday 30th October 2013

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: Earth snake

Flow: Earth

Analysis: the emperor is strong today. The snake has fire buried within it and so it contributes to the dominance of Earth today. Because the emperor is yin earth he is much less happy with the water stems surrounding him so this may mean he is a bit fickle - sometimes weak sometimes strong depending on what the double hours bring.

Thursday the 31st October 2013

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: metal horse

Flow: tricky could be water could be fire

Analysis: this is a very tricky day to day with two potentials equally strong. The emperor is yang metal and he has two water stems sitting beside him. He is sitting over the horse and adjacent to the horse is the dog which can combine to form fire but there are no fire stems to complete this transformation. The snake also has fire buried in it. The flow therefore is determined by the double hours. When we have a fire stem in the double hours or when the tiger arrives then the fire pressure will be strong but I think it will largely default to water for most of the day. I think it is a day to be very cautious if you have precious projects that need nurturing - today is not the day to launch it.

Friday 1st November 2013

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: metal sheep

Flow: water

Analysis: all the branches have earth buried in them, earth gives rise to metal. But the emperor is sitting next to fairly strong water, and the dog has water buried within him. This means that the emperor is weak and gives rise to his offspring. It is a day for flowing out for nurturing and mentoring others.

Saturday 2nd November 2013 - double travel

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: water monkey

Flow: water

Analysis: this is a very clear flow today, all the stems are water, the monkey has water buried within it and the dog has water buried within. If you don't like water, then again you will have to build yourself a boat that can float because there is not much respite from the water today.

Sunday 3rd November 2013 

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: water rooster

Flow: water

Analysis: two of the branches are metal, the dog has water buried within it, and all three stems are water. A child born today will experience rivalry, and teaching them how to deal with not always getting what they want or what they need is the role of the parents. It does none of this harm to not always get what we want. Cultivating ease and resilience is something we can all aspire to as human beings.

Monday 4th November 2013

Year: water snake

Month: water dog

Day: wood dog

Flow: water

Analysis: there is water deeply buried water in the branches. The emperor is yang wood and there is sufficient water to make him very uncomfortable. This configuration is called child of many mothers. If you can imagine many spoons coming in to feed the child you can see that there is not necessarily nourishment coming in – a person cannot survive with conflicting nurturing advice from many mothers, from who's spoon do you sup?

wisdom words

.. if people must have their own way,

let them be guided

   by nameless simplicity.

Thus they will be content,

and their actions will arise

  without desire.

And without their desire,

the natural order

  will fulfil itself

Tao Te Ching

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