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May prosperity travel with you through out this day

Vicki Sauvage - Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday 18th Nov: yin fire ox

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yin fire ox

The emperor is yin fire.

There is a very sweet flow from the emperor, to the earth in the month and ending with the metal in the year. The flow is therefore to wealth.

The emperor surrenders to wealth. So lets get about making the sun shine on our hay. Reminds me of the Rumpelstiltskin story.

Wealth is not just about money in the bank it is also about our reservoir of skills and talents the things we can use to turn our lives around. Lets all join together to create the idea of abundance and prosperity - it is really a fine state of mind.

May prosperity travel with you through out this day.

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The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin. It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.
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