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may the words of our mouth and the meditations

Vicki Sauvage - Friday, September 02, 2011
Tomorrow is the 3rd of September. It will be a yin metal rooster day. The rooster is also yin metal - heaven and earth are in accord. All is well.
  • year: yin metal rabbit (wood)
  • month: yang fire monkey (metal)
  • day: yin metal rooster (metal)
The emperor of the day is yin metal. The year stem is yin metal, the rooster is yin metal and the monkey is yang metal. Without a doubt the winner will be yin metal.

Today is a void day with the the rooster and the rabbit clash.

They are both romance stars so please make sure that you do not let your mouth run away with your mind. Harsh words can be difficult to cancel. The Chinese have an expression - not even 10,000 horses can drag back words spoken in haste. It will be very interesting to watch what comes from the lips of Tony Abbott today as yin metal is his nemesis. Kevin Rudd already has two roosters in his chart and he is a yang fire day master. Tony Abbott is a yang metal day master. Let us watch and learn.

The moral of the day is to make sure that you turn your tongue 7 times in your mouth before you speak. Whenever we see an excess of metal we must make sure that the "may the words of our mouth and the meditations of hearts be acceptable before you'. http://youtu.be/Nm1g8FFRArc

Today the trend in houses is to build bigger and bigger and then whack a few solar panels on the top and that is a good sustainable design!
No way. Do it better with Feng Shui.
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