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Month of the Dog

Vicki Sauvage - Monday, November 30, 2009

October is the month of the yang wood dog.

Wood clashes with the earth (Dog).

As we are in the year of the ox this can pose danger to the health for people who are born in other earth signs and particularly if they have Dragon on their month pillar.

As a community service I decided to post the days of maximum clash so people can take care of their health.


8th  fire dog

10th earth ox

14th water dragon

17th wood sheep

20th earth dog

23rd metal ox

26th wood dragon

29th fire sheep


1st metal do4th water ox

1st half of 7th  – fire dragon

If you have had a reading with me or some other Chinese Astrologist you will know your day master and what is sitting on your month pillar.

Have a good week and be sure to come back next week for some more updates get the full October newsletter.



When energy gets stuck it can affect the inhabitants of a building. Sometimes the only way to move it on is with a cleansing ceremony
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