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Oh my God is that me?

Vicki Sauvage - Tuesday, December 01, 2009
We are counting down to the start of the yin wood pig. It starts on the 7th of November. The day will be yang fire sitting over dragon (earth) and it changes at 15:10 which is the hour of the monkey (metal).
The monthly energies are yin wood, sitting over water. Yin wood is about flexibility, romance, hair, elder daughter. It will still be a little volatile as the yin wood likes to break up the yin earth of the year stem and branch. As they are both yin it will see less upheaval.
The people who are going to find wealth opportunities this month are yin earth people (but a bit over the top and can smother the water). The greatest advantage is to the well resourced yin wood person. It will be a fine balancing act though. Yin metal people (so long as they have a strong chart) will also find environmental support for their financial concerns or short, sharp economic actions.
Yin earth people are going to have some interesting time with power relationships. If you are skilled in managing others and have already stepped up to your power you will find it a good month. If you have not stepped up to your power correctly then you must guard against being petty, tyrannical and eruptive.
Yin water people should watch their relationship with power – if you are cool and have accepted responsibility for your dynamic energy then you will be fine BUT if you are not then watch as you scratch and claw at others in confusion and concern. Oh my God is that me?


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