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Wealth creation and Feng Shui

Sunday, December 25, 2016

There is no greater subject which has had more written about it in the world of Feng Shui. Of the thousands of words written about this subject some good 50% is trash - yes trash. There are so many trinkets and trash that are sold to people to make them feel happier about their level of financial well-being. There is one tool which is pre-eminent in determining your wealth - that is Chinese Astrology also know by its Chinese terminology - Ba Zi.   Read More . . .

Victor Frankl - search for meaning

Friday, August 09, 2013

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Fri 28th fu yin day - considered void

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fri 28th September - yang water dragon   Read More . . .

Friday awash with loads of water

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fri 24th August - yin fire snake - double travel   Read More . . .

Baa baa fire sheep have you any wool?

Monday, July 02, 2012

Tai Qi in Hobart   Read More . . .

Friday 2nd Dec is yin metal rabbit

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friday 2nd Dec: yin metal rabbit

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yin earth pig
  • day: yin metal rabbit

The emperor is yin metal.

The flow is wood.

The emperor is weak.

The strongest energy is wood and wood is causing the emperor to strike out. It is a day given to wealth. Concentrating on the making of money only is very dangerous. It will deplete your energy. If you have energy to spare then ensure that you share some of your talents and skills with others.

Imagine that you are a great big sword, and that you are able to trim and make useful the trees of the forest. This is particularly true when you are a yin metal day master.

Saturday 3rd Dec: yang water dragon

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yin earth pig
  • day: yang water dragon

The emperor is yang water.

The flow away from the emperor to his offspring.

The water is able to nurture and support the children. It is a situation of nourishing those below your, your literal offspring or your metaphorical offspring. The things that spring from you can also be your creativity. What have you done recently to enhance your creativity? What have you done as a gift to another? Sometimes giving them a labour of love is the key.

Sneak Preview

Sun 4th: yin water snake

Mon 5th: yang wood horse

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pig headed speed freaks on the road

Friday, November 18, 2011

Saturday 19th Nov: yang earth tiger

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yang earth tiger

The emperor is yang earth.

The flow is to wood but the wood is weak. The emperor is weak.

There are two travel signs coming together, the pig and the tiger. This means that there are going to be a few pig headed speed freaks on the road. Keep your cool, be alert and just a little alarmed.

The earth is quite strong but has no support from anywhere but is still an influence in the daily energies as it will be reinforced 4 times during the day. Watch your liver and gall bladder qi today as it can be damaged by the earth. If you have a daily practice of qi gong or tai qi then use that to help with your energy flow.

Sneak Preview

Sun 20th: yin earth rabbit

Mon 21st: yang metal dragon

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May prosperity travel with you through out this day

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday 18th Nov: yin fire ox

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yin fire ox

The emperor is yin fire.

There is a very sweet flow from the emperor, to the earth in the month and ending with the metal in the year. The flow is therefore to wealth.

The emperor surrenders to wealth. So lets get about making the sun shine on our hay. Reminds me of the Rumpelstiltskin story.

Wealth is not just about money in the bank it is also about our reservoir of skills and talents the things we can use to turn our lives around. Lets all join together to create the idea of abundance and prosperity - it is really a fine state of mind.

May prosperity travel with you through out this day.

Sneak Preview

Sat 19th: yang earth tiger

Sun 20th: yin earth rabbit

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There is a lot of cloud cover and the sun is shining through but in an extremely filtered way

Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday 15th - yin water rabbit

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog
  • Day: yin water rabbit

The emperor is yin water.

There is a fight to combine with both the rabbits trying to hang out with the one dog. Please look at me, please look at me. The yin water of the emperor would like to combine with the yang earth in the month stem. Because there is fire hidden in the dog we have to say that the transformations can take place. It is kind of like when there is a lot of cloud cover and the sun is shining through but in an extremely filtered way.

The flow is emperor surrenders to fire which is wealth. Make that hay tomorrow (Saturday). It is a good day for putting plans in place even though we might not have results to rely on until into the future.

If you have a lose yin or yang fire stem which is not doing anything useful in your chart then the fire will be very strong and you need to make sure that you know if the fire is useful for you - it might be power in your chart, or resource for example. If you don't know your own chart then book in for a consultation now.

Sneak Preview

Saturday 16th: yang wood dragon

Sunday 17th: yin wood snake

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Fasting is a good thing to do in the months of earth

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sunday 9th - start of the yang earth dog month

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog

This month is going to be a strong month, with great possibilities. The earth sitting over the earth is HARMONIOUS! The dog and the rabbit combine to form fire. Whilst the season is not beneficial for fire as it is the end of the season of metal it is nevertheless a tendency or trend to fire which, on auspicious days will see a favourable transformation.

The earth month is a good time to fast, to attend to your digestion, to look at what you have been storing away through the previous months of metal (August, September). You may have a residue of metal tension which might manifest as respiratory tract infections, an over emphasis on your large intestine and your voice.

  • Day: yin fire rooster

The emperor is yin fire.

The flow is to metal with the rooster and the dog combining to form the partial season of metal. 

The emperor surrenders to wealth. It is the season of harvest - picking the fruit of prosperity. Remember to put some of your harvest away - giving to others who are less well resourced.

Wealth can also represent your career, so making moves to ensure that you document your career if you are getting ready to change your occupation / focus is going with the flow.

Sneak Preview

Monday 10th: yang earth dog in a yang earth dog month.

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