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The Age of Discontentedness

Sunday, May 21, 2017

In the age of discontentedness, when we are advised on all hands, on all levels, in all directions how to 'manage' our emotions and by extension the emotions of others I have been helped and directed by kind folk. People never know what they trigger in others when they forward something that peeked their interest.   Read More . . .

silence is golden

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Month of the Metal Sheep

The month of the metal sheep will be much quieter then the metal horse month has been. It starts on 7 July 07:09 hours.

All would agree it has been a very intense months with many international dilemmas and fiery encounters unfolding particularly in the Middle East. Peter Greste and the other employees of Al Jazeera have finally found they are to be incarcerated for seven years, with apparently no hope of presidential pardon being extended to them. On top of that we have seen the ISIS insurgents marching on Baghdad again with much loss of life and liberty being plastered over social media.

The month stem is yin metal and the month branch is earth. In normal circumstances the earth would nourish or give birth to the metal. However, in this situation, the sheep combines with the horse in the year to form fire. Again that fire is fed by the wood in the year stem. This means that the metal stem which sits on top of the sheep will be under a great deal of pressure. We don't like to see conflict between the stem and branch.

Again, we will see fire will melt the metal for the first half of the month. The difference this month is that the stem is yin metal. Yin metal is not associated with a sword but with fine delicate instrumentation, sharp gossipy words, beauty, and shiny sparkly thing. Therefore this is likely to be the month of glib speaking, gossip, and hidden passion. 

Watch out for people who speak with silver (forked) tongue. Make sure that you choose your words thoughtfully and remember silence is golden. Let us all begin to our collective wisdom and may this prevail throughout the world in the month of the metal sheep.

Clash days

  • 16th of July - earth rat

  • 17th of July - earth ox

  • 28th of July – metal rat

  • 29th of July – metal ox

These are clash days and it is best to avoid them for significant events.

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Reflections from the Tao Te Ching


is followed by decreasing;


is followed by losing;


is followed by falling;


is followed by rejection;


is followed by weakening.

This is why softness and weakness.

overcome hardness and strength.

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exercise power with wisdom otherwise it becomes tyranny

Friday, October 04, 2013

We are in the last day use of the metal rooster month, it is fading in intensity and we are beginning to feel the influence of the dog   Read More . . .

Slip twixt cup and lip

Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

Monday, April 22, 2013

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Chinese Lunar New Year Sunday 10th

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

The Tiger month is upon us. It clashes with the snake and, as they are both travel signs it is important to keep our thoughts, our imaginings under control as the travel energies will bring restlessness.   Read More . . .

Setting up for Mercury going direct and change to dragon month

Monday, March 26, 2012

Setting up for Mercury going direct and change to dragon month   Read More . . .

The sage becomes wise

Monday, December 19, 2011

Tues 20th Dec: yin earth rooster

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yin earth rooster

The emperor is yin earth.

The flow is to the metal which is weakening for the emperor.

The emperor is weak.

There is a clash between the rabbit and the rooster.

There are 3 romance stars present but two of them are in clash. This leaves the rat as the clear winner.

Spend today thinking about the meaning of romance and inter-connectedness. The romance stars are not just about inter-personal intimate relationship but how 'engaging' you are with the public. Do you enter in alliances or do you want to stand out. Do you willingly 'serve' the public or are you wanting the public to serve you?

Wed 21st Dec: yang metal dog

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yang metal dog

The emperor is yang metal.

There is a very weak flow to fire but it is insubstantial and therefore neutralised.The major flow is with the emperor - metal is king today.

Today you can reflect on the nature of the metal meridians. The qi flow is strongly metal so the lung and to a greater extent the large intestine meridian is in the spotlight.

According the Hammer the metal phase is about the expansion and transformation of the personal bond to significant others and to society at large. 'Lung energies give us our most immediate' relationship with the world - we breath in, we breath out, others breath out and then they breath in.

Metal is also about authority and our relationship with it.

Thurs 22nd Dec: yin metal pig

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yin metal pig

The emperor is yin metal.

The flow is to two fold. To metal and to wood. That is there are two flows. The rat allows the wood flow to dominate. If you want to know why then ask my a question. ;-)

The emperor is weak.

The energy is with wood and wood is about justice and the liver and gall bladder.

If you are feeling that you need to wield the sword of St Michael then consider on whose behalf you are feeling indignant and righteous? Is this a constant state for you. Are you regularly roused to great passion on behalf of others? Do you leave anything for yourself. Is your passion for others a way of not looking at your own needs. Does it take you away from an inner state of connectedness? We are looking for tracking where you lose energy and then how to rectify it.

Fri 23rd Dec: yang water rat

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yang water rat

The emperor is yang water.

The flow is to water all the way.

If you know of a child born today then it is likely they will  be inherently scared of water. They are likely to suffer a lot from dampness and will hate cold, damp air. Their lungs and large intestine will be under pressure as too the fire meridians. They will need to be kept warm but not too cossetted as they will not like the accumulation of fire under the damp.

Sat 24th Dec: yin water ox

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yin water ox

The emperor is yin water.

The rat is the determiner of the flow - it is to water.

The emperor is strong - to very strong.

The child born today will find life a bit tricky - he / she will have to struggle and make their own way in the world. There is nothing wrong with these sorts of charts - they just are and it is how we wend our way through this life - the energy being that we are attracts our lessons to help us transform. We can seek guidance from the Tao De Ching for spiritual sustenance (among other pretty fine books on how to be in this world).

The wise know

   they do not know;

The fools do not know

   they do not know.


Those who recognize

    the ignorance in ignorance

  Are not ignorant;

And those who recongnize

    the foolishness in foolishness

  Are not foolish.



  By knowing

    both ignorance and foolishness,

  The sage becomes wise.  Ray Grigg translation

Sun 25th Dec: yang wood tiger

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yang wood tiger

The emperor is yang wood.

The flow is to wood.

The emperor is moderately strong with water in the rat and wood above and below.

This emperor knows how to draw the best from those around them. He / She is on their own path, they are usually courageous but can lack wisdom - they need to draw on the wisdom of metal to help them stop chopping their own path in the jungle when there is a well worn path just meters away.

Mon 26th Dec: yin wood rabbit

  • year: yin metal rabbit
  • month: yang metal rat
  • day: yin wood rabbit

The emperor is yin wood.

The flow is to wood wood wood.

The emperor is very strong.

We have 3 romance stars and they are all happy, happy, happy.

It is definitely romance time for tigers, horses and dogs, with some good times for the pig, sheep and rabbit. Go party you fabulous people and have the time of your lives. Oh btw do remember to conserve some energy for the next day though.

Be well and be happy as it is all a state of mind.

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snake and pig in conflict

Monday, November 21, 2011

Tuesday 22nd Nov: yin metal snake

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yin metal snake

The emperor is yin metal.

The flow is appropriately resourced metal. The emperor is therefore strong.

The snake and the pig are in conflict, they are both travel signs. The pig is water, the snake is fire. This is not favourable. There is steam and clouding of vision.Seek more information from the lighthouse.

To stay clear eyed you must look to your inner pure nature for guidance. Imagine a ship on a dark and foggy night. It needs to be able to see and hear the warning signs. So often we can attach to our own view point and fail to seek guidance and assistance from others. This is not a sign of weakness it is a sign of a human being willing to adapt.

Sneak Preview

Wed 23rd; yang water horse

Thur 24th: yin water sheep

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When wisdom prevails anger disperses

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tuesday 15th Nov: yang wood dog

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yang wood dog

The emperor is yang wood.

The yang wood stem likes to combine with the yin earth on the month stem. They form earth. The dog sitting underneath the emperor is able to facilitate the transformation BUT the season is not with them.

There is definitely the tendency to transform, particularly in the transition hours of earth.

The dog and the rabbit would like to form fire, and the rabbit and the pig would like to form wood. The wood has it.

The emperor is dragged out of the combination to facilitate the wood team, it is the strongest flow.

The emperor is therefore strong as the team enables him.

The emotional energy associated with wood is anger. If you find your ire rising tomorrow then make sure that you check that energy, say to yourself is this really me, is there a different pathway for me to express myself. Whenever we bring wisdom to the situation we can definitely disperse anger.

Have a great day.

Sneak Preview

Wed 16th: yin wood pig

Thur17th: yang fire rat

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