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2019 The Earth Pig

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

In the absence of evidence take no action!   Read More . . .

November - the fire pig month

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The month is the fire pig.    Read More . . .

Season of Wood - February

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Season of Wood   Read More . . .

Avoid conflict - the metal is so very strong

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The next four days emphasise metal. As the metal is so strong it means that the potential for conflict is very high. Turning your tongue 7 times before responding is the key to staying in the flow.   Read More . . .

stay in the centre of the circle

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

How are you moving through this month of the wood tiger? Hopefully the clash is not troubling you. Remember caution in your travels as too much fire can lead to very much unwanted consequences.   Read More . . .

Snake is picking up momentum to slither into town

Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 water snake seminar   Read More . . .

Mercury retrograde March 12th to April 4th

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mercury retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde on the 12th of March, it travels between Pisces and Aries. Check out all the retrograde times here. No video blog this week because of technology challenges ;-)

Tues 13th March - yin water rooster - void - clash to month

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yin water rooster

This is a rivalry day. This means that a child born today will often have struggles - things that seem to come towards them, at the last moment may slip out of their hands. Peter Sellers had a Rivalry chart.

The emperor is yin water, it is sitting next to yin water and it has yang water in the year pillar - a clear rivalry situation.

The rooster clashes with the rabbit, the rabbit clashes with the dragon. This is a double void day. Avoid doing things that are important, significant or about the future. Roll with the energy of the day. 

Wed 14th March - yang wood dog

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yang wood dog

The emperor is yang wood. He is nourished by the water in the other stems.

The dog clashes with the dragon and the rabbit clashes with the dragon - the dragon is at the sharp end of the qi. In the hour of the horse and the tiger the picture changes.

For the most of today the clashes prevail and the energy is a bit mixed - the emperor is relying on the stems to support him with the branches just quarreling among themselves.

Keep your cool and keep your head. Wiser heads will prevail today.

Thurs 15th March - yin wood pig (travel day) - ides of march

It is on this day in 44 BC that the other JC met his death. Julius Ceasar that is - again through betrayal and collusion - an interesting pattern for us all to reflect upon.

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yin wood pig

The emperor is yin wood and the rabbit and the pig combine to form wood, it is definitely a wood flow today. The emperor is therefore VERY strong with every except for the dragon on his team.

If you are a wood person - primarily yin wood (but yang wood can profit) this is your day in the sun if you have the capacity to manage the full charge of wood.

Fri 16th March - yang fire rat - we can never see the whole elephant

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yang fire rat

The emperor is fire but the flow is water.

The emperor is extinguished making a lot of smoke and steam in the process.

There is a strong penalty between the rat and the rabbit. Watch out for family squabbles - as soon as someone kicks off recognize it for what it is and quickly step out. In any case stepping in is rarely the answer to I'm right, no I'm right sort of situations. It is often as a result of addiction to our own point of view. We can never see the whole elephant and should always bear that in mind.

Sat 17th March - yin fire ox - very stubborn

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yin fire ox

The emperor is yin fire - a candle.

The water supports the wood in the rabbit, the day emperor supports the earth in the dragon and the ox.

What is the flow - weak earth. But it is very much prone to shifting around depending on the double hours.

Make of this day what you will - if you are a strong sign which can benefit from earth then this is your day. Work with it as best you can.

Again there is a clash between the dragon and the rabbit.

Sun 18th March - yang earth tiger (travel day)

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yang earth tiger

The is the day that the rabbit and the dragon have been waiting for. Their team mate the tiger makes their seasonal trinity complete. They are a strong team fed by water.

The emperor surrenders to the dominant energy - wood. Wood is power to the yang earth day emperor. If you can use power - and this configuration supports your power then you will rock today.

The tiger is wood by nature, is a travel sign so this can result in big temper flares as people quarrel about their rights on the road - you need to preserve your equanimity and bring the calm of wisdom and forewarning to the day.

Mon 19th March - yin earth rabbit

  • year: yang water dragon
  • month: yin water rabbit
  • day: yin earth rabbit

The emperor is yin earth. There are two rabbits in the branches.

This is a very strong wood flow today with the water nourishing the wood.

The emperor completely surrenders to the dominant energy of wood. It is again a situation of surrender to power.

The key note for today is yielding.

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Get more information before you fire up

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Monday 14th Nov: yin water rooster

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yin earth pig
  • Day: yin water rooster

The emperor is yin water.

There is a clash between the rooster and the rabbit. They are both romance stars so when they are in clash with each other it can bring one's relationship into sharp perspective.

The rabbit and the pig would like to combine to form wood. The water of the emperor of the day is able to support that inclination but it is NOT a robust combination or transformation. In the hours of the tiger and the rabbit there is strong stem support for this to happen.

The emperor is weak, with a flow to wood - this means that the emperor surrenders to wood but can readily be brought back. He has his fingers crossed behind his back.

Wood, weak or strong governs the liver and the gallbladder. Justice is the quality that wood gets caught up in.

If this matches your natural tendency then today you will find yourself being drawn out around issues of justice.

Get more information before you fire up.

Sneak Preview

Mon 13th: yin water rooster

Tues 14th: yang wood dog

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Early morning fire cannot transform the energies

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday 31st - yin earth sheep

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog
  • Day: yin earth sheep

The emperor is yin earth.

The sheep and the rabbit would like to combine to form part of the wood team. The rabbit and the dog (which are stronger as they are sitting next to each other) would like to combine to form fire. None have a suitable stem, nor do they have the season to facilitate the transformation.

They remain the same - waiting patiently for the conditions which support their transformation. There is wood present in the hours of the rat and the ox but it is the middle of the night - not conducive to the change. In the hours of the tiger and the rabbit there is fire present but again it is early morning so not going to light up the skies.

The flow is to yang earth. The emperor surrenders to competition.It si a line ball call though.

The Presley Constellation - what connects Gladys and Vernon? If you are not signed up for the monthly newsletter then here is your chance.

Sneak Preview

Monday 31st: yin earth sheep

Tuesday 1st: yang metal monkey

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The emperor is surrender to output

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wednesday 19th - yin fire sheep

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog
  • Day: yin fire sheep

The emperor is yin fire.

The sheep and the rabbit combine to form wood. The wood will serve to stoke the fire of the day emperor. The rabbit and the dog would like to form fire. The emperor is fire. The wood combo is strong but the fire trend is stronger and it is then subservient to the earth.

The flow is from resource, through the emperor and out the other side to output. The emperor is surrender to output. We certainly don't like anything that strengthens the emperor in these times.

If you have hang fire or earth in your chart and they are favourable then you are happy. If they are unfavourable then tomorrow should be a day for laying low - keeping an eye on the world from over the top of the mountain - keeping low to the ground. Don't be overly ambitious for the day. If you can use this flow then it is extremely powerful and charged up - more power to you.

Sneak Preview

Thursday 20th: yang earth monkey

Friday 21st: yin earth rooster

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