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Yin Wood and the Gall bladder

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, December 04, 2016
Yin Wood and the Gall bladder

What happens when a yin wood day master is out of control, or more correctly when the emotional state is not managed well?

This is a case study based on the recent experiences of one of my long-term clients. She has given me permission to publish this.

psychological aspects of Chinese Medicine

One of my favourite books on Chinese medicine is “Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies” by Leon Hammer. The ‘wood phase’, according to Hammer, “is responsible for the primaeval rebirth, the assertion in the direction of being, the free and easy flight of “Red Bird”. The repression of any of these leads to passive-aggressive personality disturbances. …Perplexing life problems hinging on the question of when to advance and when to retreat are Wood energy issues...”

He goes on further to state “in short, concerning the evolution of the life force or the “Dragon rising”: the power is Water, the direction is Wood, the bonding is Earth, the expression is Fire, and the expansion/transformation is Metal.”

 This case study can be used to illustrate the phases and timeliness of some of these elements in relationship to both the natal chart and the environmental qi.

She is a yin wood day master. Sitting in the month stem is Yang metal. Yang Metal and Yin Wood would like to combine to form metal. The season is metal, but there is no other metal that can usefully aid in transforming this affinity. When this chart meets the rooster, or the monkey, the metal can be released. In addition, when this charts sees the dog, (which is the storehouse of metal) the metal may also be released. When metal is released it will chop at the roots of this tree.

When emotional states run unchecked, the negative aspects of this configurations may be released. Remember it is never a laid down misere, that the negative aspects will be broken open, unless the emotional aspects are not managed or constrained by the will.

It is easy to see that the liver and gallbladder may be very vulnerable in this chart. In addition, whenever we see a repeated pillar (fu yin), we can expect additional pressure or setbacks to arise.

In this chart we see an unequivocal flow to wood. The wood is not in season. It is however the strongest flow. The strong wood does not like to be weakened.

Wood governs both the liver and the gallbladder. When these organs are not in balance – bitterness, anger, resentment, and feelings of injustice can overwhelm.

Controlling Elements

Two elements control wood. They are fire and metal. This chart is very vulnerable to both fire and metal. The horse combines with the tiger, forming fire. When the dog arrives, the fire team is complete. Fire will then burn yin wood. So, in the month of October, which was a Yang Wood Dog month this situation unfolded.

The strong wood day master does not like to see metal as it chops at the roots of wood. The month of the rooster in 2014 was yin water rooster. The rooster is strong enough to tip the balance as it is the prime of metal. This gives the latent metal the inside running – enough to upset the wood flow (in the face of the fire). Even though fire can control wood, and metal, the strong day master does not want the flow disrupted, preferring to see either wood or water. 

In the month of the dog, on the yin fire rabbit day my client had surgery to remove her gallbladder. There were so many stones and the system was so inflamed they had to reduce the swelling, inflammation and infection before they could perform surgery. Post operatively she was told by the surgeon that the gall bladder was 8mm thick - that is very dense and would indicate that it has been building over some time.

She is indeed someone who has experienced overwhelming injustice on may fronts - home life (from early childhood) through adult relationships and in the work place. Although she worked very hard to establish balance in her emotional life many factors stacked up against her.

If injustice and bitterness are themes in your life you might like to work with this creative visualisation for a while.

When energy gets stuck it can affect the inhabitants of a building. Sometimes the only way to move it on is with a cleansing ceremony
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