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There is a lot of cloud cover and the sun is shining through but in an extremely filtered way

Vicki Sauvage - Friday, October 14, 2011

Saturday 15th - yin water rabbit

  • Year: yin metal rabbit
  • Month: yang earth dog
  • Day: yin water rabbit

The emperor is yin water.

There is a fight to combine with both the rabbits trying to hang out with the one dog. Please look at me, please look at me. The yin water of the emperor would like to combine with the yang earth in the month stem. Because there is fire hidden in the dog we have to say that the transformations can take place. It is kind of like when there is a lot of cloud cover and the sun is shining through but in an extremely filtered way.

The flow is emperor surrenders to fire which is wealth. Make that hay tomorrow (Saturday). It is a good day for putting plans in place even though we might not have results to rely on until into the future.

If you have a lose yin or yang fire stem which is not doing anything useful in your chart then the fire will be very strong and you need to make sure that you know if the fire is useful for you - it might be power in your chart, or resource for example. If you don't know your own chart then book in for a consultation now.

Sneak Preview

Saturday 16th: yang wood dragon

Sunday 17th: yin wood snake

Creating a master plan for your home or business is really important. We don't have to do it all today.
Staging is really important.
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