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Today is the change over to the solar month of the metal rabbit - watch out Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd

Vicki Sauvage - Sunday, March 06, 2011
Today is 6th of March 2011. At 06:43 we entered (will enter) the month of the metal rabbit.

Watch out Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd

The rabbit month will clash with the rooster so for the month of the rabbit the rooster will be under great pressure. It will be interesting to see how Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd perform this month as they are both roosters and in fact Kevin Rudd has two roosters in his chart. Pretty heavy time for him I predict and for Tony as he is a Yang metal day master and the yin metal of the month and the year will be competition for him.

Today, as it is the change of the month is also considered a void day so no important activities should be planned for today (or any change day).

We have a yang metal monkey day. The monkey is also yang metal. Heaven and earth are the same. We have direct rivalry sitting next to the yang metal day emperor in the form of the two yin metals of the month and the year.

The only other clear energies are the yin wood of the two rabbits. They draw out the yin metal and so the emperor is strong.

He does not have support from any quarter but is strong in his own right.

The weakest energy today is yin and yang earth. As mentioned yesterday earth governs spleen and stomach. It is a good day for a fast or to eat yellow and orange fruit and vegetables. The emotional state that is under the direct influence of the earth meridians is worry and pensiveness.

Doing qi gong today and putting an emphasis on the earth meridians will help keep them clear.

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