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Tony Abbott, Tony Windsor and water

Vicki Sauvage - Friday, October 15, 2010
Today is a yang earth dog day. The dog is earth. There is a dog sitting in the month branch and here we have a second dog coming along. The second dog is also attracted to the tiger and is vying for the right to combine.

This means some conflict and threatens the bond. However, this is not going to work as the bond is transformational it is not really possible for the 2nd dog to really threaten the bond.

The dog is in conflict with the dragon so take care with real estate contracts.

The strong fire bond has moved to the resource place so is recruited to support the day master.

The emperor of the day is yang earth, earth represents the real estate market, agriculture on a grand scale, Agribusiness. It is not necessarily a day when your property will sell for record prices because there is no wealth today.

Wealth is water today, there is none around to tap into. Of interest however is the debate about the Murray Darling river authority and the announcement yesterday that Tony Windsor was yesterday appointed to oversee the Murray Darling river authority. There is a lot of consternation on the part of the farmers and irrigators but also the towns folk who fear a loss of livelihood. Tony Windsor is a yang metal tiger with a yang metal day master so is able to hold a line very well. Metal is resource to water and water is output for metal. This is a very useful job for Mr Windsor to undertake. Let us watch with interest how the debate and the decisions unfold in the coming weeks.

A quick comment about yesterday. Tony Abbott is / was in hot water again because of his imprudence. He is a fire rooster (yesterday was a fire rooster day). If your day or year matches the daily energies it is important to listen very carefully to your small inner voice and stay out of trouble. Tony has demonstrated time and again that he seems to be impetuous and usually with words rather than actions - however it is quite probably words that got him into this current situation.

Your challenge today is to use the fire to warm your bones but not to extinguish your inner fire. We all need passion for something so engage in a social or justice issue in your community. I will try to post the weekend blog tonight.

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