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Tony Abbot, Kevin Rudd and yang metal day

Vicki Sauvage - Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Today is Wednesday the 27th of October. The day is yang metal sitting over the dog which is earth. Earth feeds metal.

The emperor of the day is yang metal. The second dog is in competition with the monthly dog to combine with the tiger. Only one docking port there, the other one is reserved for the horse.

We have a lovely cosmic flow with the yang metal being the end of the flow. Wood of the tiger feeds the fire of the monthly stem, which feeds the earth of the dogs which feeds the metal of the day and annual stem.

There is still the transformation to fire between the tiger dog and the yang fire in the monthly stem. It is a strong energy and is in the position of power for the cosmic flow today.

The fire (power) yields to the earth (resource) which yields to the day emperor! We therefore have a very strong emperor. The wealth is very minor and cannot draw any attention from the day master as it is being drained by the power. There is no output today.

This is a brilliant energy profile for those who are dominant yang metal day masters. Everything is aligned to your purpose.

If you remember Tony Abbot is a yang metal day master. His chart (in this luck cycle is a dominant chart). He does not have much fire (as far as we can see) in his natal chart but is in a luck cycle which brings Qi Sha the energy that effective leaders who are in the political arena need, this is sitting in the branch which when it is more fully formed and dominating his chart will actually transform into more metal for him so in effect robbing him of the energy he needs to further his political career. I think it is this huge overwhelm of metal that makes him imprudent with his language. He is training really hard to overcome that tendency I have noticed.

This month there is enough Qi Sha for him to draw on but in general he is deficient in it. A dominant person does not like to see a challenge to themselves. Tony did not really do that well against Kevin Rudd (when we look at the time from 2007 - early 2010). Kevin Rudd is a yang fire man so Kevin represents power to Tony.

Your challenge today is to avoid having surgery (even minor), dental work, and chastising and reprimanding people. Also avoid mental clashes with others. It is a day where minor issues can turn into really major issues of conflict. It is also a day of headaches and mental stress. The remedy is to spend time in mediation - it relieves the mind from its incessant need to decode and make patterns.

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