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Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, March 06, 2010
Today at 02:35 we entered the earth rabbit month.

A little bit of respite from the tiger month of February.

The tiger met a tiger from the year so it is no surprise that the energy was high.  I imagine you all felt the shift in the energies.  It was a ride eh.

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Because the rabbit is yin wood and the year is yang wood we have the potential for conflict between women and men (yin and yang). 

We must be cautious and careful about what we say, and particularly feeling galled, angry or spiteful.  The liver and gallbladder meridians are in focus this month and this year.

If we manage our emotional states then the world does not have to adjust and balance out another burden.

Each month we focus on one of the Life Mastery remedies.  This month the remedy is diligence.  We need to bring our hearts back to centre - to attend to our personal cultivation.  Look ourselves in the eye and say where in my life do I need to make adjustments.  When we attend to our inner world then the world is a better place.Diligence is the remedy of the month

As the months go on I hope to go back to making small 10 - 20 minute guided visualizations and post them to my website.

To book in for the Fr.ee webinar for the month of march then just follow this link.
To check your local time zone for the webinar which is scheduled for March 8th at 15.30 (3.30pm) follow this prompt.

Look out for them.


The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin. It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.
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