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Sun Traditional Long Form Tai Chi

If we practice regularly we will see the benefits in both our body and our mind. They come closer together and you can see that moving with awareness brings you into a more mindful relationship with all aspects of our life.

If you don't sign up for the newsletter I cannot stay in touch with you - sorry. I only wait list people through the event pages as I have a very efficient system for keeping track of people through my website.


Spring classes

Thursday: 9.30 through 10.30 you should enrol for a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks. The date of commencement is to be announced!

Costs: $40 for a 4 week 'term' paid in advance.

Pay each month in advance - you will get bank details on first day of class if you are a new student.


Corporate Classes

I provide Tai Chi classes in the private sector / public sector both as one offs and as a series of classes for a cycle of 2 - 8 weeks.

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The route to perfection is daily practice - not magic.
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