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Vicki has been practicing Traditional Feng Shui for over 23 years (since 1997). 

She provides both commercial and domestic consultations.

As a daily practice Vicki teaches Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditation practices - all these skills come together to support and help her clients - big and small. All her 20 plus years go into every consultation. Make enquiries here.

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About Feng Shui & Qi

Some aspects of Qi we consider in a consultation are: Shape or form, Colour, Height and breadth, Land-form, People. All are important and all have an impact on the experience of the support, benefits or challenges in any environment.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is often referred to in the West as the Art of Placement. In Vicki's view, and according to Traditional Feng Shui, it is much more than merely placing your furniture in auspicious areas to manage Qi flow, as popularised by many books and magazines. You can take more control of the energy of your buildings by being more aware of critical Feng Shui factors such as colour, form, and hidden things such as poison arrows.

The consultant must observe, evaluate, classify, and then prescribe cures or solutions. It is very much like a Chinese Doctor who takes your pulses every time you present for treatment. So too we regularly evaluate the Qi in your building and your environment. 

What arises internally, what arrives from outside. When you have examined the Feng Shui land-form, and the internal forms you are ready to look at the qi or energy of the individuals who reside in or utilise the building. They could include you, your family, or your employees and colleagues. All are important in the Feng Shui analysis. The key to a good consultant is how they balance all these factors and come up with recommendations that enhance your experience of the building.

Understanding Qi

This is a very large area. It covers topics such as what is Qi, how does it flow. There is the local Qi flow as determined by the building, by the internal structures in the building and their purpose. The ease with which it flows to and in the building. The 20 year cycles, the annual cycle, the monthly and sometimes the daily cycles - not to mention the double hours. When we understand the concepts and then the balancing act required for each of these cycles we can evaluate the benefits to individuals. One building might suit me but be downright challenging for you. One building might be good for the current period but when we change periods it is no longer beneficial. Again there are buildings that travel through time and are perfectly aligned with the environmental qi and can nurture all who dwell in or utilise the building. This is what we aspire to as Landform based Feng Shui practitioners.


We are in the process of developing a series of videos and articles about one of the most important aspects of Feng Shui - the land, the reading of it and the interpretation of these energies. If you love land-form as I do, then you should look out for the evolving collection of articles and video's, subscribe to the monthly newsletter and even follow the blog which also contains pertinent information.

When to use Feng Shui

When you are ready to move the energy and patterns that surround you! This can be a move in either the energy in your home or work surrounds, or your personal 'Qi'. Vicki invites you to consider a consultation when things are going well or when things are in a state of flux, or when you reach a decision node. Or right now. You need it because you are reading this!

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The cycles of yin and yang are constantly moving. Yin gives rise to yang and yang descends to give rise to yin. It is a constantly moving cycle. Through birth and death and birth again.
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