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Wentworth By-election

Vicki Sauvage - Saturday, October 20, 2018

Today they cast their vote in an important by-election for the Australian people.

The people standing in the Wentworth by-election are all good human beings trying to bring some stability to the Australian parliament until such time as we must go to a scheduled election. No-one outside the liberal-national party has anyone to blame except themselves. They got shot of a popularly elected representative who also happened to be Prime Minister of Australia - can't call into anyone's actions other than those who moved against Turnbull when they did - so what about those standing today?

Kerryn Phelps:

born 14th Dec, 1957 she is co-joint Professor of Integrative Medicine at the University of Western Sydney. Been active in the AMA and as a General Practitioner. She was the first female president of the AMA (2003).

Her year pillar is: yin fire rooster

Her month pillar is: yang water rat

Her day pillar is: yang metal monkey

Her new luck pillar started 2015: Yang earth phase which changes to horse in 2020.

Her rat and monkey combine to form water which is strengthened further by her day stem and her month stem. She follows water as an output person. 

Today (the day of the by-election) is yang earth dog year, yang water dog month, yin wood rooster day. She draws support from the dog which gives her a seasonal metal combination which strengthens her water. She will likely run out winner but the results will be delayed because it is a mm month.

David Sharma:

We cannot evaluate how he will fare in this election as only his year of birth is available in the public arena.

Born 1975, British Columbia and is of Indian extraction. He may well have yin wood rabbit for his year pillar (but if born in January of 75 might be a tiger - who knows and maybe his profile might be updated if he enters parliament.

He is a very bright man with 3 degrees from Cambridge, Sydney and Deakin Universities.

He was the youngest ever person appointed to Ambassadorship by Julia Gillard, taking up the post of Ambassador to Israel. Of note lets hope he has renounced his citizenship of Canada before this by-election!

Tim Murray:

Don't even have a year of birth to inform our decision.


Phelps but the result will no be known until postal votes are counted up to 2 weeks after the election.


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