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Feng Shui improves Prosperity

Of all the subjects written about in Feng Shui, this is the most heavily promoted. You know in many esoteric traditions there is the notion that you are allocated a finite amount of financial prosperity. If you overdraw it in one part of your life you will deplete the reserve for the next part of your life.

We can certainly help people understand prosperity with Feng Shui and re-direct energy so more comes into your mouth of chi or front door, but we certainly can't make you a millionaire or wealthy beyond your dreams.

With Chinese Astrology we can also see if you are in wealth luck, or power luck, or resource or education luck. If we see prosperity in all its raiment's such as health, well-being, good relationships then prosperity is much more rounded than just money energy or money chi.

Sure we all have to pay our bills, feed ourselves and our dependants and get around to our employment but if we do not see that prosperity is greater than just this money chi then we are blinkered and limited and will end up with ulcers, heart disease, cancers and such because we did not protect the greatest of our assets our immune system and adrenal system. Stress is a major factor in all illnesses.

Feng Shui improves Relationships

You know that the people you live with can be the greatest teachers. So many times our children, our spouses, our in-laws, siblings etc. can stimulate a whole range of emotions in us. Sometimes these feelings or emotions become overwhelming and we want to break free, break out or break away.

Instead of making radical changes to our life circumstances we can always get help or assistance from someone. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh eye or a new ear to help solve things which had seemed overwhelming or inevitable just yesterday.

What happens if you are in a clash year? What is a clash year? Why are you feeling over-whelmed right now? We have an e-book called Understanding your Chinese Astrology chart – it is modestly priced and will be deducted from a consultation when you book and pay for it.

Feng Shui Master Plan

Most of my clients come to me either from word of mouth referrals or because they are at significant change points in their lives. These include:

  • Selling their homes
  • Buying their first home
  • Buying a new home
  • Building a new home
  • Renovating an existing home
  • Purchasing or leasing commercial premises for new or existing businesses
  • Putting a new business into existing premises (refits)
  • Establishing or improving Investment portfolios
  • Looking for classes, training, seminars to learn more about Feng Shui
  • Health issues that they feel might respond to Feng Shui remedies or cures

If you are looking to do one or more of these things then please contact me to talk through your options.

It may be self-evident that developing a master plan for any property changes so that you can move towards your desired outcome smoothly. Some people do prefer a more organic approach to things but it can waste serious money if you do not adequately plan your project.

I am a great advocate of having a project manager for both big and small projects. It is VERY easy for the owners or commissioning agent to ‘blame’ the tradesmen when the project does not meet financial or time budgets. This is where sound project management and excellent contract administration are unequalled in benefits.

I had clients who had brought into a residential development. They contacted me because one of the units they had bought off plan just had to be sold to help them meet their outgoings (they were close to bankrupt). They had signed their contract in great naiveté – absolutely not knowing sound practice, nor seeking advice. When I asked them if there had been a non-performance penalty in the contract they raised their eyebrows, looked at each other and said no! The project was not 1 but 2 years behind schedule and they had bought off the plan – this is just code for you going bankers for the project. The good news was we ended up selling both properties in record time – the bad news they wanted to invest in the US sub-prime property market – I am not sure where they went when this went belly up.

So back to a Feng Shui master plan.

You should develop this in consultation with a competent consultant. You should know where the mouth of qi should be, where the roads / drive way / entry point to the property will be. Are there going to be competing mouths of qi – are there any major highways earmarked for construction in the near future?

This can be a great advantage if you have a haulage firm or you need to get goods from your distribution point (factory / building site / business premises) and to your client / customer.

You should be doing your research or commissioning an architect or designer to research on your behalf building materials and design features that will save you money.

PS don’t forget your lighting plan. Make sure that you factor in where that smart meter is going to be placed if you are going to install solar panels. Where is the air-conditioning unit going – where are the water tanks going if you are using water harvesting options?

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