People have differing reasons for considering a consultation. People usually make contact when they are looking to make big changes to their homes such as moving, remodelling or renovating the current home, building from scratch. Whatever your reason you are here and you are interested in a consultation.

Vicki recommends

That you make contact as early as possible in your design process even before engaging a designer or an architect - "it is much easier to have a 1 hour meeting with you and the architect / designer than critiquing designs that you are both 'committed to".

There are times when moving IS the answer to your problems. Vicki has had to recommend to somewhere around 8 - 10% of her clients that moving is better than renovating. This will usually be based in serious land-form issues which cannot be addressed without great cost and great effort.

You are thinking of change

Rather than making radical changes in your life and risking throwing out things that may be working to your advantage, maybe all you need is a fresh pair of eyes that can recommend some changes. You do not need to throw the baby out with the bathwater - you can stay and cure rather than moving house or changing partners.

The best possible outcomes are achieved when Feng Shui is applied at the planning stages so that Qi flows freely to enhance balance and harmony. However, a Feng Shui consultation on an old building or existing property can still bring balance and harmony.

When moving

Most people book a consultation when they are thinking of, or have recently, moved into new business premises or a new home. This is a key time for looking at the Qi flow to the building and within the building. Vicki thinks that it is important to signal changes in function of any building. Using those nodal times to effect a change of energy is imperative and needs to be identified clearly and precisely.

When renovating

So you want to renovate!

Colours, placement of doors, walls, bedheads, stoves, Qi flow and problem areas can all be addressed before renovation begins to give you the best possible results. If you are going to tear down a wall, at least make it the right wall.

When redecorating

There is much argument about whether colour and shape have any validity in Feng Shui. I believe that both colour and shape have a vital part to play in Feng Shui. The Feng Shui model is very consistent. You look at the whole cosmological system and the Medical System and the Land-form system - the model is consistent across all these spheres. I say categorically form/shape and colour are vital to good Feng Shui.

When buying or selling a property

When you are buying or selling a property, it is critical to have a consultation to help utilize the right timing and to utilise your auspicious numbers to determine the right purchase or sale price. There are special formulae to facilitate the purchase or sale of a property. Why not use them to your advantage? Nothing worse than having your much lauded property sitting around for months because the optimistic or over-enthusiastic agent thinks they can get the best price yet for a property in your area or category.

Another scenario is when your property has been under-valued. Do yourself a favour, for a modest fee which is, in some instances, tax deductible you can increase your chances of selling your property and getting the correct price for it.

Rental V's Home Ownership?

Do I need to be a home owner to get the best from Feng Shui? No. You can be a tenant, leaseholder or owner.

Feng Shui is all about making it work in whatever situation you find yourself. Things such as ownership, planning restrictions, heritage considerations and the like are all factored into the final recommendations. Vicki has worked with people to redecorate one small room, or large two and three storey homes. 

Existing Buildings

We provide a comprehensive examination or audit of the following areas to help solve the energy flows in your home. Sometimes, in fact many times, we have to work with what is. We can always create some movement of Qi and bring some changes to your environment and your experience of your environment.

We look at:

We give suggestions for resolving:

Design Stage

When you are drawing up a master plan for a building or the land. This applies to existing buildings or new projects, to commercial or domestic properties. There are times when people buy existing properties but the use of the property and buildings will change radically.These are appropriate times to consider a consultation. Having as many factors as possible, working in your favour, is a smart or strategic person's road to success.

New buildings

If you have a new building or a proposal for a new building, there are some aspects to examine and evaluate when incorporating good Feng Shui principles. Here are some considerations.

When planning a new building or making an extension then I suggest that you take advantage of the auspicious measurements. These measurements can help offset some really difficult form Feng Shui. At the very least we should use the measurements for all the external doors and preferably the master bedroom. It is possible to even go to the extent of ensuring all doors, walls, roof lines, windows comply with those measurements. Warning - these are completely non-standard measurements.

Access to the property

A key consideration in this process is where the mouth of the building will be located. This is vital and can make the difference between a mediocre or under-functioning building and a good building that will travel through time with you and any one else who might inhabit it. How guests or clients, family or employees access the building is a determinant of the quality and effectiveness of the Chi / Qi that comes into the building.

Concept drawings

This can be drawings that have been done by the client, by their designer or architect. This is an excellent stage to be involved. It then becomes a collaboration between all parties. Vicki has well-developed negotiating and mediation skills. Recommendations based on the analysis of these critical factors are then put to the client (and other interested parties) in meetings. The recommendations are then adapted to the goals of the client.

First Steps

A word of advice from Vicki "it is very useful to have a consultation before anything has been done to the land this includes access roads and such" (that is in a perfect world). We can, however, work together at any stage and get some benefits.

it is preferable to walk on the site together. There are many local factors to examine including the land-form both immediate and distant.

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