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Mastery of Feng Shui

In Traditional Feng Shui you do not appoint yourself as a master - your master gives you that title when you have demonstrated your dedication and commitment to the terrible, wonderful, demanding and very satisfying study and implementation of Traditional Feng Shui.

Traditional Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui as a practice has a history that stretches back as far as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Unfortunately not all Feng Shui services are the same.

Some practitioners do not offer you a traditional service. They base their support on the Black Hat Sect. This has NO respect in Traditional Feng Shui circles. Save your money and move your furniture around according to your own intuition. On the other hand you can select a practitioner based on their credentials, their testimonials and the people they have studied with.

Genesis of Traditional Feng Shui

Demise of a dynasty

In any arcane tradition there is myth and there is fact. One of the facts is that, with the assistance of Feng Shui Masters of the Land form and compass schools, long imperial dynasties were founded that survived centuries.

Indeed some say that the demise of the Ming dynasty was because the seat of government was moved from Nanjing to Beijing. In Vicki's opinion the origins for the demise of the Qing dynasty lie in its deviation from the path of Tao.

The dynasty had become incredibly corrupt and was no longer ruling for all the people from a heart of benevolence and wisdom. Even the most perfect Feng Shui cannot overcome a heart that is cold and lacking dignity and respect for all sentient beings.


It is said that some of the greatest Feng Shui masters traveled the land incognito. They did not have large teaching schools. Sometimes they only took one or two students if any at all. They wrote very few texts. Those they did write are difficult to decode. They were often written in allegorical language and required a 'master' to help decode them. Vicki follows the Lineage of Master H. Liu and has met and studied with his Master. Both reside in Mainland China.

Text Translations

Some of the schools in the West are based on people reading these classics, translating them and then developing Feng Shui schools based on these texts without studying with a master. For the uninitiated these texts are full of pitfalls and erroneous judgements. Although in our times there are wealthy Feng Shui 'masters', this was not so in times past.

Feng Shui Masters would regard their calling as a sacred and awesome responsibility. They were often mendicants traveling from one city or town to another, doing as much good as they could along the way.

Studying with the Masters

Vicki regards one person as her master and she gives her allegiance to that school - the National Academy of Feng Shui Australia (NAFSA). The school is under the auspices of Master H.Liu. He is a 4th generation Feng Shui Master. He has lived and worked in Australia since the 1990's.

Ongoing support in Australia

Vicki's friend, mentor and colleague is Melynda Munro who is Master H. Liu's principal student. Master Liu, Melynda, and the Academy provide all members Australia-wide with on-going support, training and advanced courses of study, including tours to China.

Vicki continues to study and participate in alliances that see her continuing to refine, and hone her already well-developed skills.

Traditional Feng Shui meets the Western mind

In most places on Earth we live in very dense environments with many stressors that impact upon us - Feng Shui can help us create a haven, a sanctuary to enable us to regenerate and renew.

Learn to live in harmony with your environment

Vicki invites you to close your eyes now and in your mind's eye conjure up a picture of the future - imagine yourself living in harmony with your environment. See yourself identifying and then truly understanding the support that exists around you. That support will include both human beings and the landform. Now with those 'special eyes opened' see your destiny unfolding before you. Experience a release. Now experience your life energy arising within so that you are free to explore your potential more fully.

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